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  • clowtee clowtee Mar 31, 2014 9:38 AM Flag

    New Board = Hunting Ground

    You see this all the time. Predators preying on the victims of a scam because they know
    you naive & desperate people are so easy to con. If you join this new board, you're just making these scammers'
    job easier. They don't have to spam yahoo boards or cold-call old ladies, they have more and more of your
    personal information.

    Don't let these wolves of scam street herd you guys like sheep. Yes, there might be short and negative opinions that you don't like to hear on yahoo msg boards, but at least these voices keep the wolves honest.

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    • TOTALLY agree. This hope guy is a total scammer. Just wait until he starts asking for keep the board running.

    • I'm gonna bump my thread up because the scammers are bumping theirs.
      If this new board was really an "LLEN support group" then why are they creating so many threads and swamping this message board?

      After they've got enough people on their private msg board, they will then start to ask for 'donation' to help them file suit in the courts. Obviously, they will try to take in more money than necessary and the overflow will go into their pockets as "professional fees".

      Once this whole thing blows apart, a couple of them will give you guys "hot tips" and start promoting some other Chi-scam variant. Some of you, in a fit of desperation will bite. Congratulations! Your personal e-mail will forever be targeted by these pump & dumpers and "shareholder rights" ringleaders.

      Pro-tip: Just walk away and take a tax deduction. Remember, even if you don't dump more good money after bad, your free time is money. So don't get baited into this neverending drama.

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      • Bump again.
        You'll notice the tight control these scammers have over who joins their message boards.
        They reject new yahoo accounts out of hand. Obviously, most of the investors in LLEN are retail buy and hold guys and most would not be active on message boards, unlike day and swing traders.

        The glaring red flag that you longs should notice is that they've started soliciting phone numbers for
        "confirmation" to prove that you're not an "undercover bashers".

        Can't you people recognize that they've accomplished most of their goals??? They've manage to obtain e-mails from people using real names. They've also obtained phone numbers for future use in their underhanded schemes. If only a fraction of you bite, they would be well rewarded in their scheming.

        This hot-lead generating enterprise of theirs just knocks the socks off of cold calling shmoes.

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