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  • investrman investrman Apr 7, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    LLEN stockholder information RE: unethical brokerage activities

    As is happening on I-Hub for LLEN stockholders to date, here is information for anyone in here who suspects their brokerage or brokers have done unethical things regarding the LLEN stock you own in your accounts as well as legal funds of yours, making LLEN stock seem like it has traded to "0", when in fact as Nasdaq stated last week to us, it was halted at market price of $1.68.... it has not traded since halt has not been lifted yet, and nobody can artificially make the PPS change except the market under normal trading conditions. Any brokerage doing such violates crimnal securities laws.

    Problems addressed by FINRA:

    Buy or sell orders
    Brokerage firm or broker
    Insider trading
    Manipulation of security price or volume
    Account transfer
    401(k), pension or retirement plan
    Investment adviser/financial planner
    Other - Complaints other than those noted in the sections below

    FINRA Investor Complaint Center
    9509 Key West Avenue
    Rockville, MD 20850-3329
    Phone: (240) 386-HELP (4357)
    Fax: (866) 397-3290

    Problems addressed by the SEC:

    SEC filing or report
    Public companies
    Transfer agent

    File a complaint with the SEC.

    Securities and Exchange Commission
    Complaint Center
    100 F Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20549-5631
    Fax: (202) 772-9235

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    • That accusation is absurd.

      It's similar to blaming the weatherman for a rainstorm.

      Extended halts always create glitches these day with out now totally digital trading platforms. Since there no longer is any price discovery, last sale data, or frankly any data at all, digital brokerage data is often affected unless they address the issue manually.

      Frankly speaking, a stock that cannot be traded has a notional value of zero anyway, regardless of the last price it traded at. If you want to impart a value other than zero to it, just do it in your vastly overactive imagination. Don't blame the broker's automated systems for not receiving data that was never sent.

      I find it interesting, having a TDA account that with the exception of 2-3 trading days, the price shown for LLEN has always been $1.68...

      All this uproar over essentially nothing reminds me of the globull warming farce. Only a driveling idiot believes that the temperature of the sun is somehow affected by cow farts.

      • 2 Replies to madaniels57
      • Absurd nothing! It is the dammn truth and why some like you are in fear of the truth is beyond me- UNLESS you are part of the orchestrated naked shortseller groups now going under FBI investigation out there including stock boards/posters.... TD is and has been found by many (not just myself) to have operated with a lot of unusual/questionable behavior for a long time from orders to fills to activities.

        I URGE you to call nasdaq then or SEC and then FINRA if you do not like what I posted here for others to be helped by. I urge you to go read the halt codes too instead of making up false negative stories about this halts reasoning.

        As Nasdaq told us, the halted price was $1.68. The halt has not been lifted. It was a T1/T12 halt. The stock cannot trade and the stock is "legal property" of that shareholder which nobody, including any brokerage, can make or force or artificially change price on while it is in halt... I own this stock for a long time, well below the halt price in fact, and to see TD remove funds from my own account equal to my total shares multiplied negatively by -1.68 is fraud and a scam and someone will be held liable. They have jjust stolen funds PLUS profited in the process. Very illegal under FINRA.

        I don't give a rat's #$%$ about total electronic trading today- I have been around many years. This electromic platform and HFT in fact has created so much unethical behavior & manipulation to all equities, especially against retail smaller investors, it is hurting things, not making them better. These are part ownership in a company, NOT a commodities futures contract for God's sake...

      • sorry...sticky keyboard....

        It happens when I spit up all over it because of moronic posts on this board.

    • Please no more lies here, ihub or google. You claimed NAS stopped LLEN for info on an officer. Sir, you lie. Why? Why? we have enough liars on this board.

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