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  • piatt1234567 piatt1234567 Apr 18, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    Dope Leads His Flock to Slaughter

    many fine individual investors were scammed by the maggots that were llen. and now, the dope, will advise them to hold all their shares. a month from now, they will realize their shares lost another 50% or more from the opening day. and they will be dreaming about the fantasy of when all the allegations are refuted. of course, llen cancelled the forensic audit which might have done that. like pleading the 5th. but give thanks to your leader and praise the fine people at llen that did this to you.

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    • If you are ever going to be taken seriously, let your "Daddy" madaniels teach you some writing skills. Capitol letters, commas, paragraphs...etc. If I did not know better, and of that I am actually not quite sure, but I would think you are in Grade School. Dope? Really?

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      • the one thing that could have maybe cleared llen, the forensic audit. and 7 months after the allegations, after telling shareholders the groundwork is done, they cancel finishing it and offer excuses. llen pleads the 5th and will never refute the allegations. you will never see any results of the forensic audit presented by llen to clear themselves. if all the allegations are false, llen would have wanted to finish it. this would have been one of the top priorities to present to the public, shareholders, use against lawsuits, and further sec charges. but no, excuses. they did not want to show the world they were a scam. so follow your leader, dope, all the way down and thank him.

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