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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 May 15, 2014 12:46 PM Flag


    Well whatever you want to call them...ah! Hey U, END down 15% since your ownership position statement here....ah...ah...BABIES! And LLEN is up 8% today...better switch teams U's, even mcdoooshels is lost for words, well not really, but he needs some help embellishing the Court records and all. ah...ah! Up yours pal.

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    • ", even mcdoooshels is lost for words, well not really, but he needs some help embellishing the Court records and all. ah"

      Nope....never at a loss for words.

      Been telling you that this is your new trading range pending news from the company or someone. I mean new news, not rehashed disclaimers or expanded pieces on what has already been reported.

      You are now at the mercy of the penny panhandlers. They will play it like a violin, extracting some placer gold, (since you are going to Alaska). This will be the case for perhaps years...

      You know....very fine particles of gold, that was passed over by the big processing rigs and left as tailings, or better said, leftovers.

      Leftovers, because that is all that is left.

    • Make that 10% BABIES! Go Long, you can't go wrong! ah...ah....Cha-Ching! I will be in Alaska end of the month so I am stopping in Seattle, landing in Tacoma BABIES! And I have a second reason for visiting, but I can't elaborate....well never mind. Thought me and wifey would take another cruise.....oh life is so horrible just like you guys said.......ah!....ah!.....ah!....corksoakers! Hey mcdoooshels,want me to bring you back some ice for your sore PUDA bruise.....heeee! heeee! Good Luck SHORTIES! Hey 400 bucks in Alaskan Taxes and 250 in Port Taxes, Wow, I better grab another 10,000 of LEEN when it dips again. hmmmmm....ah! Life is good, God is great. U, can you give me another stock please? Please don't, I am just kidding, really...ah! :)

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    • 1:00PM, EDT......LLEN up 10.14% today.....ah ah ah

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      • Yeah, and the U's, WHO ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, also have HSOL DOWN 35% IN 2 DAYS! And YGE, DOWN 20% in 2 DAYS!!!! ah....ah! I can't flippin believe it! ROFLMAO! And they are still waiting for .01 cent doesn't get any better than this, I wish I could wake up and do this day over a few more times...ah..ah! GO LLEN! Yeah, that's right I'm still pumpin and jumpin and poppin and hoppin!


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