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  • mrmuckle2012 mrmuckle2012 Jul 25, 2014 10:37 PM Flag

    To the Moon Alice !


    wonder how many losers here vote democrat.

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    • I would think that seeing as how most republicans have been predicting the imminent demise of the economy and the total destruction of the American way of life since 2009, they've missed out on the biggest bull market in history, or have lost their #$%$ shorting this market, if they backed up their talk with action.

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      • ahhh....well I would point out to you that some people in both parties are gloom and doomers. most of them I do not know their affiliation.

        Are you saying the market is up because of Obama? Or anything Democrats have done.

        If you are I would disagree .....

        What the gloom and doomers are saying, apparently prematurely, is that there are bubbles forming all over and at some point a catalyst will set them off. They are having a hard time making sense out of long held economic theory that if you shove to much cash into a economy, the excess money will chase too few goods and inflation will rise beyond the ability of the fed to control.

        Interest rates have been too low for too long.

        The debt is outrageous and unimaginable.

        The total market of available jobs has shrunk to 50 year lows.

        The total workforce has shrunk with it.

        Over 50%, a majority of the US population depends on government checks for employment or benefits.

        Food stamps recipient's are at record never anticipated levels.

        The world is destabilizing in many areas.

        gas prices are still to high

        and after all that the market is going up.

        Like a broken clock the gloom and doomers will eventually be correct.

    • Well, I'm a Conservative who votes Republican.

      I suspect, based on comments here that many of them are indeed Democrats, or libertarians.

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