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  • twelvetooth twelvetooth Jan 18, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Fusilev is far superior to leucovorin

    The cheap generic leucovorin contains two molecules that are mirror images of each other but only one works, the other doesn't (Fusilev is the pure working one). In biologics, this difference is critical. An example of handedness’ significance appeared in the drug Thalidomide in the 1950s, which was produced and distributed to pregnant women to decrease nausea and for use as a sleeping pill. Because scientists at the time didn’t know the handedness of the molecule, one orientation caused birth defects while the other orientation did what the pill was designed to do.

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    • Wow, are the pumpers on this board so desperate that they need to make such an outlandish comparison as thalidomide to leucovorin? Fusilev has NEVER been shown to be clinically superior to generic leucovorin, and even the slightest suggestion of this by the company should have the FDA all over them. The fact Raj seems to be building his marketing strategy around the drug based on the few extra dollars it might put into a doc's pocket is despicable. Also, the DTC campaign for Zevalin = another sign of desperation. Call the shorts every name you want, but I've yet to seem them be wrong when putting so much on the line, especially against a company that 99% of the investing public doesn't know or care about.

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      • Please wake up. Here is reality:

        Jan 18, 2013 $12.00
        Jul 1, 2008 $1.33 adj. monthly close

        In the last 2 months, SPPI went from $10.64 to $12. Shorts have LOST $45 MILLION in portfolio value with the special dividend in the last 2 months alone.

        Also, you should research the longevity rate and safety profile for Fusilev as compared to a racemic non-true generic version which has been recalled numerous times for safety concerns. Use what you want. Your call.

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      • Your insight into handedness of Fusilev is interesting.
        So it seems one handedness (ex. Left) is active and the other (ex. Right) is inactive.
        If the inactive molecule is harmless, then the only result is one would need a larger dosage.
        If the "inactive" molecule, as in the case of Thalidomine, is harmfull then all bets are off and perhaps short the generic manufacturer.
        Bottom line: keep track of Fusilev sales, now at about 60m/q, and on a upward trajectory.

        I went to the SGNT website. They predict about 30m/yr sales of lecovorin (the generic).

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