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  • t.boone11 t.boone11 Feb 12, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Shorts not giving an inch

    It's hilarious reading how with every PR by the Company, that the shorts will surely be "crushed" in the next few days. It's like you're all sitting here waiting for the Rapture that is never going to happen. The Great Raj and Keller will descend from the sky and smite the shorts down and deliver us a 5000% return on our shares, which is where the stock should be trading based on "anticipated" revenues for pipeline drugs and our currently marketed portfolio, which no one cares about unless there's a drug shortage out there. Shorts ain't budging so your great leaders better deliver some impressive numbers for the quarter or this drops another 5-7% by eom.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • How you going to mount any kind of bear raid when you need longs to sell in masses so you can borrow shares. You are trapped like a rat in a coal mine!

    • Shorts have gotta be down recently a goodly amount. Not only are they down double-digits in percentage losses the last few months, but they are down on that end of year divy payment and are always down on the loan interest. The fact that there are at least 27M shares short should give pause that maybe they are starting to give up an inch or two, and then comes the feet or two and finally a squeeze measured in yards!

    • shorts have not budged just as shorts have not been making profit on sppil. look at sppi price history. so that tells you that shorts are spending small fortune to merely cap the upward pps explosion in sppi. spending more money to short is cheaper, evidently,,, than shortie covering ((which at 27 million short shares to be covered) would result in sppi pps hitting over $20/sh quickly.
      thats the beauty of the high quantity shortinterest coupled with shorties thesis being incorrect. we might or might not get definitive nail in coffin of shortie bet on Q4 2012 conf call.
      i would not want to be short sppi if i was looking for the first time at this company as a prospective company to invest in. too much upside. folks like pk who mock raj and new amgen hires are frauds and their arguments against raj and new amgen hirees are fabricated and unfounded. shortinterest is definitely using adam fraudstein and yahoo mb posters to impugn sppi corp and its mgmt.

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      • String, volume has seriously dried up as of late...IMO, shorties used to be able accelerate the volume(spooking all the weak hands into dumping). Now that weak hands are all gone and institutions, the ones that tend to hold, continue to very slowly accumulate, and that volume has slowed down to a trickle, anyone with half a brain knows that there is so much covering that needs to be done, that, right now, the slightest amount of buying interest moves this up rapidly....That is the current missing ingredient...buying interest....

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