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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Feb 14, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    todays leerink swann sppi presentation by raj/// recap........

    1) sppi will be filing nda to fda on apaziquone within 12 months from today.
    2) sppi w/b filing nda to fda on belinostat within 6 months from today for ptcl indication.
    3) keller from amgen has 23 yrs experience/// joe turgeon from amgen has 21 yrs experience
    4) sppi has not diluted shares in last 2 plus years
    5) "we are increasing sales almost daily"
    6) pro forma revenue for 2012 is over 300 million dollars
    7) spi2012 is as active as amgens 4 billion dollar drug and sppi's drug uses 1/3 the dosage. now in phase two. sppi drug looks better, at this time, than the amgen drug.
    8) sppi plate is full at this time.........not looking for an acquisition "at this time" although if opportunity shows itself we have capability to act.
    9) question session;;;;;;;; fusilev.......why down sequentially Qtr over Qtr ?
    raj response: 4/28/11 fusilev fda approved for colorectal cancer. since that date,,, fusilev has ONLY GROWN. SALES /PENETRATION HAVE NEVER GONE DOWN SINCE 4/28/11 THIS YEAR(2012) WE
    next question; who are users of fusilev ? raj answer; 60 salesmen selling fusilev for sppi. additionally 40 other subcontractors for sppi exclusively sell fusilev for sppi. to date more than 50 % of colorectal doctors have not been visited by sppi salesteam person as to selling its a growth area in that respect
    sppi can now afford to put more resources into selling fusilev.
    daily,,, the # of people ordering fusilev,,,, is GROWING.
    SPPI is seeing fusilev as a sticky product. doctors LIKE to reorder fusilev.
    raj says...i can guarantee there will never be fusilev shortage due to manufacturing issues. F WILL ALWAYS BE AVAIL. also raj says F has advantages over generic.
    question; ptcl ? raj answer: folotyn was 1st drug ever approved. folotyn lasts 10-12 months duration. same duration /response for belinostat is also only 1 yr or less. so, patients go thru all of these drugs one after the other........cycling.........
    question : how has folotyn mkt expanded just cause its now owned by sppi ?
    answer; 6 injections is proper but because of mucositis patients only take 3 injections.
    if fusilev reduces mucositis,,,,,sppi can have patients taking 6 injections not just 3........of folotyn- plus sppi sells the fusilev. sppi currently testing fusilev to reduce mucositis byproduct of folotyn. so,, sppi is focusing on this. raj says 50 mill revenue can go to 80 million if this strategy works.
    data on fusilev ability to ameliorate mucositis s/b avail in "near future"

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    • lets call a spade a spade...raj sounded awful and is just not an investor friendly CEO.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • string,
      thanks for the recap. Soo.. Fusilev did drop to `~40 Mil for qtr 4. somewhat dissappointed but if they get back to $50mil/qtr in early 2013, that would be good news. One should expect growth given more sales team.

      If 2012 Proforma is 300 Mil and Fusilev is almost 200 Mil and Amortized Rev is 12.4 Mil, that leaves ~ 88 Mil for Folotyn and Zevalin. If Zevalin Qtr3 YTD is 22.5 Mil, Total 2012 should atleast be ~ 31 Mil. Which would leave 57 Mil for folotyn and folotyn reported only $50.5 mil in 2011. confusing??

      I like the way Baron presented it: If Qtr 3 YTD proforma is 229 Mil, then Qtr 4 must be ~ 71-73Mil to get over 300 Mil profrma 2012. Less Fusilev of $40 Mil and 3.1 Mil of amortized Rev. that leaves $30 mil to split between zevalin and folotyn; this is a pleasant surprise to the upside.

      Did you also notice the February corporate presentation on the website? I didn't notice this until today. Had an update slide on the Zevalin FIT trial. I was wondering whatever happened to the FIT trial and was not optimistic as SPPI have been quiet for over a year on the FIT #$%$.

      Your thoughts on the FIT trial 8 year follow-up?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • does anyone know the Q1+Q2+Q3 Fusilev sales for 2012?

    • continued)))) fda lays groundwork for sppi. sppi knows exactly what it must do to further its pipeline drugs as per communication betw sppi and fda

      quest; whats with future share buyback and divy ?
      raj answer. sppi only been profitable 2 years. we already gave a special divy and are doing share buyback. in future....every single quarter these two issues are discussed by sppi bd of directors.

      raj states; in oncology, old oncology drugs with anticancer activity do not go away. even if more effective drugs come on line. some patients will always benefit from some of the old oncology drugs. today, the war on cancer is in full fight mode.
      raj; in next 5 years sppi value will grow five fold if not more. sppi corp is here to stay.

    • String, thank you for the synopsis. Very much appreciated. I was traveling today and out of the loop. Sounds like a very positive forward looking update by Raj and team.

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