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  • ouch_yikes ouch_yikes Feb 22, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Generic vs. Fuselev....

    The way SPPI sees it, ALL generics compete with each other, NOT FUSELEV. SGNT is essentially competing with ALL the other low-margin generic makers of levo, yet, the SNGT CEO in the last SGNT CC(which I hope SPPI executives listened into) mentions Fuselev as the targeted market...SO far, IMO, SPPI is correct because they stated plenty of generic levo was available in Q4, 2012 and yet they STILL increased volumes of FUSELEV and believe that FUSELEV is having a great deal of "stickyness". ALSO, they believe the clinic(community) setting(which KK said as 75% of overall market) for is quite sticky for FUSELEV. and that 50% of doctors have been contacted and that an impactful 60 sales force now involved...Simply put, shorts got their thesis 100% wrong and the sooner they cover, the lesser their losses are gonna be....No question about it, FUSELEV is here to stay and once again Raj is right...And he's been right since this stock was trading @.80 cents and those that to continuing to keep betting against him keep losing, meaning, in effect, that the patient SPPI investors keep winning.....I'll continue to remain very patient.....After listening into the Q4, I've never been more bullish...even 2013 looks like it's gonna be a very very fine year....

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    • Hi, Ouch--Don't know about you, but I can't believe how many times Leucovcorin has been considered or implied a generic version of Fusilev. How many years will it take to alter this lie? Spectrum has a legal department. Every time a company such as SNGT publicly states or implies it considers Fusilev its targeted market or suggests it's a generic version of Fusilev, legal action has to be taken. A retraction must become a mandate.

      Raj points it out constantly and no one seems to believe him. It would not be such a crucial matter if it did not give shorts ammunition to slam the cash cow's ability to retain its stability and continue to grow..

      In 2011, Fusilev was approved for this indication due to a shortage of generics. Critics argued that as soon as the shortage ended, no one would want Fusilev.. The crud drug shortage has ended, yet the demand for Fusilev has not dropped.and there is no reason for it to drop. It's always available, it has no quality worries and doctors using it know it is the drug of choice. It is time for Spectrum to stop untrue statements anyway it can. Once, it becomes undeniably clear that Fusilev is the better drug and Medicare covers it, the weaker the argument becomes that crud drug will lower Fusilev sales. Once the myth is gone, the shorts will be standing in quicksand. Since Raj has a credibility problem, COO Keller, who is in charge of sales and is credible, should put out positive and accurate press releases on a regular basis to quell generic scares and update investors on expected Fusilev revenues for use with Folotyn. IMO, Keller is the key to get this company expanding and share price up in the twenties where it belongs... .

    • ouch- my recollection is raj stated 60 plus additional 40 = 100 salespersons will all be selling fusilev. raj speaking at leerink health conference. i may be wrong but that is my recollection. i agree w/ your post..

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