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  • ouch_yikes ouch_yikes Mar 22, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    The mood of this stock....

    Can change as quickly as the ANAC stock has done...Just needs a series of favorable news flows...trials resuts, clinical data, NDA filing, etc...won't take much to change the dour mood, IMO

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    • "Just needs a series of favorable news flows" and "won't take much to change the dour mood" are really two opposite statements. A SERIES of favorable news flows is a LOT to ask for. One could just as easily say a series of unfavorable news flows could increase the dour mood and drive the stock down to $4. The problem is that we know roughly when clinical trial results are due, and there is nothing on the near-term horizon to be overly excited about. As for an NDA filing...

      The next NDA filing will be for Belinostat. Acceptance by the FDA will trigger a milestone payment of $10 million PLUS 1 million shares of SPPI. A "positive" event? I'd say at least as likely to be viewed negatively by the market. A million shares and $10 million for a drug that still might not ever be approved, and if approved might not be commercially successful considering the competition and the limited extent of the indication it will used for.

      Off-topic query: where will the million share milestone payment to TOPO come from? Will it be through a share buy-back, or will they issue new shares in a dilution? Think about it.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • the ambulance chase lawyers, i assure you , have no "smoking gun" evidence...........they wont get it for quite a while, if at all,,,, during period in lawsuit when sppi documents must be turned over and oral testimony taken........... so far.......... legal action is my least concern w/r to sppi.
      if you are holding sppi long term , deep into 2014 minimum..........then you will experience much upside from current pps, imo. 2015 -2016 should be great period for sppi mkt cap, imo.
      i think raj compensation needs drastic retooling to the downside.
      i think folks should not assume next 3 nda's are a sure bet to attain fda approval. certainly crl's are delays that are frequent fda rulings...........
      i think raj needs to move one notch down from ceo and face of sppi. investment community will give sppi corp more breathing space if such occurs. its really not that complicated raj. fumbled the ball and even if you fumbled purely innocently..........the buck stops with you.
      ken keller the other day, imo, in between the lines,,, was saying that "hey...... i just got here to sppi months ago and clearly sppi staff was not up to snuff........... then ken keller went on to describe the structural corp changes that ensued upon his arrival.........further top tier hirings............being most notable. raj, imo ,, is a great asset that many biopharmas would benefit from having. but raj is clearly not on top of the game as far as managing the growth of sppi as ceo nor as being face of sppi.
      the latest presentation starring ken keller where raj spoke at very end.........was depressing as far as raj's contribution to the presentation. keller might be the correct new face of sppi and ceo as well. raj can be one millimeter below ken keller. its best thing for the sppi COMPANY. THE COMPANY COMES BEFORE RAJ.
      I DONT SEE 2013 showing notable price action.......... im just a layperson in investing so my opinion is meaningless. gl.

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      • String.....system not working for some reason........reply to your question........ a series of good news could be near term increases in zevelyn sales or folotyn along with a possible acquistion or news of possible big pharm. suiter. The shorts covering in mass would also say a lot and better then expected Belinostat final results along with the NDA. Spectrum is getting to the size where there are many more irons in the fire then even 2012, the added personel alone could generate an unexpected or expected series of good news. Their size, pipeline, rpoduct line and new leadership offer many possibilities.

    • The Belinostat NDA and 3rd quarter results will take care of that in short order. In the meantime, they're buying back their own stock at fire sale prices.

    • I agree. So much mud has been thrown at Raj and Spectrum to knock it down, a series of good news flow would quickly change the mood and quite the ambulance chaser lawyers..

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • no2crook...........what series of good news are you thinking of ?? do you consider the act of filing an nda "good news " ?? the act of fda approval is good news............. crl letters usually depress pps........... imo, sppi will not and cannot afford a large share repurchase........i am convinced of a small/modest sh.repurchase by sppi will at best have a short term boost. same thing w/r to another "special dividend"..........i doubt sppi will invoke a general dividend on a quarterly basis............ so........... in 2013 im respectfully wondering what series of good news events is going to be a catalyst to notably move sppi mkt cap. as a mere lay person investor who observes sppi corp for a few years.......... im not seeing what u are seeing. i hope i am totally incorrect. being respectfully honest in this post. im not looking to short or to drive sppi pps down.

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