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  • jjmill2 jjmill2 Apr 8, 2013 7:16 AM Flag

    SPI 2012 enters Phase 2 Study

    “We are excited to begin mid-stage clinical studies for a drug candidate that can become a key component of Spectrum’s long-term growth,” said Rajesh C. Shrotriya, MD, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. “Chemotherapy-induced neutropenia constitutes a large global market estimated to be over $5 billion, and there is preliminary evidence showing SPI-2012 may have advantages over the comparator regarding the intensity and duration of neutrophil recovery. We look forward to the continued study of this product candidate, which we believe has the potential to address continued unmet medical needs by studying the opportunity to minimize the risks from chemotherapy induced neutropenia.”

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    • JJ, If Raj could just learn how to spell, he wouldn't look so Micky Mouse, I am telling you. Do you know that what is considered normal behavior in one culture, may be seen as insanity in another? That is true. Compare Russian and Mexican cultures. I do not condone the way Raj treats his stockholders and I am angry, but I do not want to see the future promise of Spectrum destroyed. Define a lie. Anyone who went through a divorce is a liar, but that's overlooked in our culture.

      Consider how Raj runs his company. Is Shiv a great asset? Should his daughter-in-law be responsible for handling finance? They do have a CFO, but where is he? Seems to be a phantom. Have you ever read Raj's letter to investors? First time read, 18 errors. If we seek information, we get it from a receptionist. Why? This is consistent with Raj's personality. He doesn't sweat what he sees as minor details. This company should not be public. He considers this company as his. I doubt if he can spell or understand his fiduciary responsibilities to stockholders. He has only two interests. Money and better cancer drugs that cure, not only manage. If he did not need control, he could concentrate on acquisitions and research.

      Consider what this company could have been if Raj had a different personality. But Raj is Raj and he isn't going to change. All these lawsuits damage Raj and his company. It also has destroyed our investment. Only the lawyers profit. IMO

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      • you are really being kind to what Raj to investors last year while he sold $9m in stock. He was releasing FALSE statements to the public. Raj knew what he was doing. Raj is a very smart and very greedy guy. That is my personal assessment. He may make it look like he does not understand markets, valuation, finances......But he does. He knew what he was doing. Lets see what SEC does here.

    • They continue to move forward even with adversity. I expect to see even more of a pick up in their activity. Looks like the Ambulance Chasing Law Firms, with their repeated weekly announcements of a cut off date for lead plantiff, are scrambling to find someone with deep pockets to represent.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • any idea when we may see results from this trial?

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