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  • tartiaboy tartiaboy Apr 23, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Predictions for next 24-30 month period:

    1. KK will become the CEO within three years, if he succeeds with the commercialization.
    2. Raj will not retire before FDA decision on Apaziquone.
    3. Fusilev will stabilize with sales $100M+ and grow slowly over time.
    4. Zevalin sales will double within 24 months, due to increase sales efforts.
    5. Folotyn sales will double within 24 months, due to control over mucositis.
    6. Renazorb will be sold within 18 months.
    7. Apaziquone will be approved before second trial is completed, based on risk/benefit review.
    8. Belinostat will be approved.
    9. Melphalan will be approved
    10. SPPI will be profitable this year and going forward.
    11. SPPI will acquire at least one more drug.
    12. SPPI will use buyback shares to pay Topo and as partial in lieu pay to employees

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    • You left out the potential of both highly lucrative future big pharma partnerships along the way(What if, for example, Belinostat becomes the standard in HDACi and HDACi becomes THE drug platform of the future?). AND the ALWAYS potential intermittent rumblings, such as the recent Gene Marcial piece on buyout interest rumors.

      Oh, how I love analogies(especially sports!)....What a great biotech batting line up SPPI currently has: Belinostat, Melphalan, APAZ, SP-2012, SP-1620, not to mention, the potential POST-FDA-approved NDA growth that might come from their current trifecta revenue mix: FOL, ZEV and FUS. AS AMRN witnessed today, FDA will seek NDA's from already approved drugs and the whole process is easier once a drug has already been approved. I can NOT believe the stock prices of some of the biotechs out there that are in phase II(SRPT comes to mind) and that don't have nearly as much going to bat in the near-term. I am looking very much forward to the ultimate end game here, the vision is either as a stand alone oncology behemoth or a buyout....I'm relatively young and if it takes as long as seven years, so be it.....Both trade AND invest is the best strategy..IMO, both highly lucrative endeavours going forward here.....

    • Whatever you're smoking tartie, you should think of packaging and selling. The market for hallucinogens is probably quite lucrative out there.

      If you think the Fusilev fiasco was bad, just wait - I suspect there's much more where that came from.

    • First come, first serves first. To avoid Future Lawsuits, lets get all those Insider Traders to Jail first.

    • Thanks Tartia. Hope you are right. Of course you carefully worded it as 24-30 month period:) No way to know anything before that? Right now the only action around SPPI seems to be from these ambulance chasers. Depressing!

    • TT
      I have been here with you for the past several years holding strong. I like your predictions and appreciate you posting them. IMO, if 50% of these predictions come to pass within the next 24-30 months, I will cash out all my shares for a boat load of cash and hang it is within my timeline....

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      • Asht5333,

        If 50% of these prediction come true it is just the BEGINNING of the real payoff. The next phase will include Zevalin/ZEST, SPPI 1620 and SPI 2012. Success with one or more of these will make us the really big money in five to seven years. That may seem like a long time, but I've already been here longer than that.

    • Great summary, Tartiaboy. What is your take on SP 2012? What do you think is the end game here; what is the big money indication (if any) for this drug?

    • I concur, TTB.....great post!

      And now I'm "on the road again!"


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • SPPI longs, we need to bump posts like this one to the top occasionally.....

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