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  • sherrysgone sherrysgone May 13, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    FINALLY - SEC investigating SHORTS/NAKED SHORTS.......

    It's about time.....something we've all been waiting for a very long time!!!


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    • We longs have been asking the SEC to investigate the SHORTS/NAKED shorts for a long time. Finally, they can look into all the manipulation and fraud that has been going on by the shorts and their friends, such as AF! You bashers/shorts think this is great news and it is, since bad Karma will get you in the end and you've put out way to much false and deceptive news over the years.


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      • My very dear Sherry,
        No matter what you say, you seem to attract too many detractors. So do I but they are too cowardly to reveal themselves. If I get a really horrible reply, I will tell them that I will report abuse and complete the form. Then, I tell them why and do indeed report them and dam them with their own words.. Then, I put them on ignore as I said I would. I don't show anger because it doesn't help me, it only makes matters worse. Or, you could just ignore them. When I became part of this MB, I was constantly attacked. I was told I was too ignorant to be on the MB, a poster with bad intentions, etc. I never responded until I was no longer emotional. Then, I could decimate them and not give them anything they could attack.
        You know far more than I so you are probably better at this. I just don't like to see you being attacked.. That always upsets me. Glad I'm long now. I've waited for a short squeeze for so long and now I probably won 't be able to see it. Dam. OT - Our similarities are truly astounding, imo. Most interesting. Love, Candy
        Love, Candy

      • The last thing this is about is naked shorting.

        What you should be #$%$ about is the lack of transparency by SPPI mngmnt. SEC contacts them in March, you don't hear about it until last Thursday.

        Something stinks in the kitchen. There is bad news coming, I guarantee you.

        Come on Sherry, take a clearer look at this. Put on the readers, ditch the rose colored glasses.

    • "On April 1, 2013, the Company received a subpoena from the SEC for documents pursuant to a formal order of investigation. The subpoena followed the Company’s March 12, 2013 announcement that it anticipated a change in ordering patterns of FUSILEV. The Company is cooperating with the SEC investigation. The Company cannot predict when the SEC will conclude its investigation or the outcome of the investigation."

      Sherry. I had to give you a thumbs down. SEC is inquiring about the "change in ordering patterns of FUSILEV" not the short interest. Let's keep it real on both sides.

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