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  • tartiaboy tartiaboy Jul 19, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    What just happened?

    By luck or by design, SPPI has TWO drugs in phase-III testing (readout in about three years) that can change the treatment protocol for the under treated B-cell NHL form of cancer. More specifically for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. The current standard of treatment is R-CHOP. SPPI has two improved formulations in phase-III. Zevalin which is more active that Rituxan and Marqibo which is more active than vincristine. Together, they will create Z-CHMP to compete with R-CHOP. The combined efficacy of Z + M is likely to be synergistic. Folks if these trials work (which is very likely) SPPI could own the DLBCL market in the future. Anyone who does not think this is a big deal, needs to question their thinking. It is a huge deal. This is one of the major reasons why SPPI loves the Talon buyout.

    Do you still wonder why I could care less about the P/E. This is not about P/E in 2013, 2014 or 2015. It's about SPPI busting into the big leagues.

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    • Tartiaboy,
      I see no luck here. It is all by design. Raj has decided to pay big bucks to acquire top class management.. Raj never wanted to let Zevalin disappear. Finally he has found a way through this bargain of a deal. Talon/Hana had a great plan especially with regards to expanding their Marquibo indications. Too bad for them they had to pay back a $30 m loan with interest by October 2013 given to them by a Deerfield management group. And of course Raj was waiting with a vengeance in face of those lawsuits!

      Haven't heard lately about any AF mailbag articles! Wonder what happen?

    • For those with cancer we hope that these trials are successful. Curious about the impact to SPPI because the Zevalin patent runs out in 2 years (based on my previous post of a conversation with Ashley at IR).

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Who can argue with that? Would there be a necessity to do a Z-CHMP phase 3 trial assuming those two clinical trials are successful? Thanks

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