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  • birdiehunter2002 birdiehunter2002 Dec 18, 2002 8:52 AM Flag


    Need good information, NOT jargon on this board.

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    • What good information do you want. Gme selling at a huge discount to the market in terms of market cap, price to sales, price to earnings. The stock technically is oversold dramatically should bounce back to 13 day moving average at some point. The company is doing so well it is growing by an estimated 200 stores next year. We just had a great quarter with great outlook. The problem is we are all going broke. The stock will probably be down again today. The reason for all of the gme stockholders misery is shit for brains short dick mcflygamevideolover. He is a jonah. When he starts posting your money starts flying out of windows to feed his followers. Read his post. The only solution is to put him on ignore, and gme might start to rally. good luck to all even you mcfly.

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      • Mr. Birdiehunter:

        Jones is right - GME is selling at a discount and has good financials. So does ELBO and dozens of other stocks for that matter.

        All I've been really saying is that the short-term market fluctuates wildly. If you're insane enough to buy into a thin market, you should have patience - something you'll notice Jones lacks if you've been reading his posts.

        Mr. Jonesy: Since you're now swearing at me I can only conclude that you've "won" the argument. :) I repeat my earlier assertions - quit blaming everyone else, and if you think you're right about GME, double down! You've got a golden opportunity to lower your cost basis...

        -- "shit for brains short dick mcflygamevideolover" signing off on this silly "debate" --

    • Stock is tanking and the Company refuses to issue a press release. They won't return phone calls and reply to e-mails. I'm going to contact the ceo and president today.
      They need to address the stock be it if sales are bad. We have the right to know

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