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  • bopo15 bopo15 Dec 19, 2002 12:18 PM Flag

    WOW GME is a real PIECE OF SHAT

    and so are you JONESY...HAHA

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    • That would be Mr. Jonesey to you bopo15. You are a pesky little short you are. Let me recommend your next post. BWWAAAA a favorite of paid scum sucking board posters. How about
      SEEEELLLLLLLL. That one always makes me shake in my boots. Or you might want to keep to your wow gme is a real piece of shat in all caps which is your trademark post. Oh, one more thing I like your handle bopo, what does it stand for BOught POster number 15. Your turn

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      • ok sorry there Mr.Jackoff, i do sincerely apologize for the confusion.

        Actually I am not a GME short (maybe I should have been) but rather I am a TTWO long. And I am sick of crap companies like GME (useless business model, over-reaching expectations) come in and keep bringing us TTWO longs down. You should be thanking GTA:VC for saving whatever quarter you are going to have.

        We TTWO longs go and save companies like Gamestop and what do they do to repay us, come out with crap guidance and sink us lower.

        your turn.

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