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  • stockmaster2010 stockmaster2010 Dec 19, 2002 4:16 PM Flag

    We've lost about 50% of share price....

    since a week ago Friday. Things aren't that bad. Gaming industry has had a very bad couple of weeks, and common folks are putting us next to the actual game makers, not realizing we are totally different entity. Game makers have very high-paying game designers and programmers, therefore very high burn rate if they don't well at retail. We on the other hand are retail shops with small over-head (minimum wage in many cases). If I were you, I would sit back and relax, and watch GME go up from here. This is the bottom.

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    • I have never seen a bigger buttscrewing in my life. The truth that you will not get from any analyst or new outlet, print or television is that gme just an awesome year. Where gme screwed the pooch was not realizing when you open 167 new stores, a lot of them in close proximity to other stores that same store sales in the older stores were bound to be affected by the new stores. Did anyone see a statement during the last week of what gme will end up doing in sales for the quarter versus a year ago? If my math is correct with 167 new stores and same stores down 4-5 percent from last years sales of over 500,000,000 gme should do close to 600,000,000 for the quarter. What blows me away even more is the hype of the quarterly earnings miss of .29 a share, which is on the high end. Do you want me to do the math again for you. That equates to about 4.5 million dollars total. In summary gme has lost close to a billion dollars in market cap
      because of a 4.5 million dollars miss on a 600 million dollar quarter. If you disagree with my assessement I am all ears.

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