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  • jerky6805 jerky6805 Aug 19, 2005 4:40 PM Flag

    50 Day

    Three up days in a row on heavy volume and the longs STILL couldn't get this stock to close above the 50 day moving average($33.50). You've had earnings, 2 upgrades (CL KING, BofA), and none of it seems to matter. I love the fact that GME guided down on revenues, yet BofA sees fit to raise their target by $8 a share. They were probably helping some institutional clients exit their positions today by giving the stock one last quick bump up before it falls back into the 20's!!!

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    • Yes, I am anti social.

    • Although I didn't start this spell check/grammar check war, I do find it funny when the very arrogant people such as yourself attempt to take the high road and correct me they themselves are making spelling and garamatical errors themselves. See below. It's "word" not "work".You also need a comma after "AND". I'll end it there. I shall happily contiue to not spell check these posts.

      And if you would like to engage in rational argument, first your going to have to learn to spell the work -- no e.

    • You see that amongst other things is what seperates me, a trader from you. When I buy or short its at a support or resistance level. Then I use a stop. Market makers have harder time tapping me out with that dicipline. Although yes, lets face it, it does happen. But, should I see a rebound I simply reenter.

    • Less than 2 % stop losses -- market makers will take your money every time, unless you tagged the bottom. No wonder you are wrong more often than right. Try learning from your mistakes. You've lost more credibility. Watch out for the squeeze -- your nuts are gonna pop.

    • lkqautoseatscom, the ad hominem attack is always an effective strategy. You, my friend, are anti-social, and I think I can safely speak for the majority of this board in saying that we would be better off without you and your belligerent drivel.

      We look forward to gloating at your sorry ass tomorrow at the close of the market.

    • Easy there on the emotion, guy! It's can be deleterious to your trades.

      And if you would like to engage in rational argument, first your going to have to learn to spell the work -- no e.

      And it would appear that you are the one who is attacking. I simply made some observations and commented that time will tell who is right. Either way, you are a loser, and a dim-witted one at that.

    • Wow, just checked your profile. A female? Angry female, must be over 30 unmarried or divorced with kids from 3 different guys whose names you don't know.

    • I don't come on these message boards to have pissing matches with morons with no positive conversationl skills.

      I did reply to your previos post.It's obvious that you don't read and would rather deem your self a fool each time you post. See below.

      In the future I forbid you to reply to me. You little bunny are no longer permitted to reply to me.

      This was my reply dopey.____________________________________________
      No, technically you want that volume to count some. What do I mean? What I mean is that you want to see a stock meet and break though Resistance ie: 20 & 50 day mva on strong volume. Much of the volume on Friday was sell volume that came in the afternoon. We met and surpassed resistance on Friday with decent volme. It couldn't hold. There are to many sellers using those levels as exit points. On an hourly charting basis we broke down on Friday. The 12% run up you speak of was a mixture of two things. One is a short covering rally, remember we have a 23% short intrest ratio on this stock. They had profits and took them. They then began to re enter the short side on Friday afternoon.The second was intituions calling their clients and telling them to average down. If we break below our recent low then this stock is in real trouble.Keep in mind that they not only missed earnings but guided down. They haven't closed on the merger yet and there are still the intergration question marks that shall arise. Competition is alos heating up, don't forget Walmart.Thursday and Friday I view as a retracement only. Friday's close was pathetic.

    • Listen here you technical trading scum. You never answered the question. What is more technically bullish then a 2% rally following a 10% rally. Look at the chart you technical fool. The stock tried to trade down at the beginning of the day and then quickly recovered. You fool!

      Also, people with express trading accounts can exercise and then trade the stock within minutes. And how do you know that most of the options weren't exercised during the rally the day of earnings?

    • haven't you been reading the long posts? It's going to go up because it has to. It sold off Friday afternoon do to options expiration. I've been posting here for a couple of days. You are wasting your time.

      I'm obviously short myself. It spoke volumes when if broke down on Friday not just beolow the 50 day but then the 20 day. That's on a high volume day. Churning.. pure and simple.

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