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  • jordanmathman jordanmathman Aug 24, 2005 10:50 AM Flag


    Who was it who said to whom that the latter would be an idiot to hold onto the homebuilders? I'm not being sly or anything, I can't quite remember. Maybe lkq to Todd? If so, HA! That's funny. Good call Todd.

    btw, sold a few shares of GME today (about 1/4 of position) to prepare for a possible pullback in GME or the market. I'm just bracing for the future...hope things don't go southward, but if they do I hope not to lose every profit I've made. I also am looking to short BBI...any TA thoughts there?

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    • No irony here. What we have is your lack of understanding what I actually said I did. I never went long the GME common stock. I did purcase the calls which as posted yesterday I sold. That made up for mor than half my loss in the GME short. Do you not purchase insurance on your car? I don't buy/short and hope.

      I still hold the puts as a slight loss. Why did I buy the puts? You'll remember that I came to this board short. I am still of the belief that we will, at a minimum retest the lows. We made a lower low today, it won't take much more of a down move for my options to become profitable. And by the way, the NAZ closed below it's 50day moving avg today. As I've been posting, this market is screwed. The path of least resistance is to the downside (short). I purchased CME October 250 puts at the close. Took partial profits on DSTI.

      If you bought GSF today I'd say you got in at a good point. If you start making lower lows you'll break trend. A breakout above $48.00 on volume would really make me bullish.

    • Toad, it appears that your beloved home builders are as I stated a pump and dump after all. It's over Johnny!!!!!!!!!!! If the HGX breaks 520 you'll see new lows in the banks and homebuilders. The BKX again smashed to new lows. This market is fucked with them and so is poorly thought out theory.


    • "Mightytodd" why is is that you do not use a capital "T" in your name? This serves to confirm my long held belief. You have a low self esteem if any at all. You are probably a wig wearer at nights. You have no wife because as previously mentioned, all that you come into contact with is contaminated and repelled by your very exsistence. Again, I pity you and all whom who may come into contact with.

    • All sounds good. My quick a dirty research unconvered favorable information and I plan to put it on my watch list. Tho I am reluctant to buy anymore mid-cap energies, as I already have several. Good luck.

      Oil is unraveling this market, once again.

    • Yeah, I was considering CHK and NBR for a while, but never jumped on them. I'll have to do more research on the rest.

      DNR is interesting b/c the have the largest CO2 reserves in the US, and I believe they recently built a pipeline from their CO2 field to the area in which some of their O&G fields lie. Basically, they use the CO2 for tertiary recovery, and possibly even sell it to other companies for recovery. So the increased prices in oil help them almost exponentially since they have a cheaper way to recover form the more depleted fields and since that ability to recover is more valuable to other companies. I bought just above 25 and have barely stopped myself from taking profits the whole time. I almost bought a bit more when it dipped recently, but I am having trouble telling whether it has overextended itself. The trailing P/E looks high, but earnings should be quite strong in the future assuming oil stays above $60. They aren't as hedged as EAC either, so more of the price increase is coming to their bottom line.

    • "What are you a politician. You are recomending stocks that you just sold out?"

      I find this comment rather ironic -- look it up in the dictionary. It was you that were long, short, with puts and calls on GME all in the same day.

      In any event, I thought you may be interested that I am back in GSF.

    • "What are you a politician. You are recomending stocks that you just sold out?"

      He asked for energy plays that I like. I still like them. And plan to buy back in. You need to be a more discriminating reader. Bitch.

    • My Fidelity account contains my 401k -- I find that they have the best broadly casted research. My retail is with Morgan Stanley. I pay 1.25%, no commisions for trades.

    • "I know, after I got done banging your pig of a wife I had her shave mine."

      I'm not married, dip shit. That was your mom that you shaved.

    • What are you a politician. You are recomending stocks that you just sold out?

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