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  • peacei2 peacei2 Aug 31, 2005 6:06 PM Flag

    IKQ/Todd Get me up to date...

    I have been busy all day in meetings and didn't get to participate in the market, except for buying the GME April calls and AMGN common at the open. What caused the big rally at the end of the day?

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    • My bad on the 3 star. The one available in my plan that is large growth is 3, and it sucks. The int'l is very solid.

    • I respectfully disagree with you on the retailers. The wealthy will be largely unaffected, particularly with respect to what is bought at retail stores -- as opposed to bigger yachts and bigger homes. GME will be unaffected -- people will still be trading in games and buying more, as well as receiving consoles for the holiday.

      IKQ, you cover yet? Talk to me about bonds and charts.

    • No it's a four star fund. My remaining stock holdings are in Fidelity's Low Priced Stock fund and Value Funds. Both of which have four star ratings. I do have a small poition in their International fund although I'm not sure of the rating.

    • You would think so...but in my opinion I believe that parents will stop spending on themselves first( clothes, eating out) and focus cutting back on their kids last. So if it does affect retail I think that GME would be leat hurt.

      WMT though appears to be at a price where I'd like to take a piec. It's reaching long term support at I believe $42.00. If we do as I believe face a economic slow down it will be the high end retailers that hurt and WMT would benefit.

    • TOL and LEN should not benefit from Katrina.

    • Price of oil dropped (though gasoline and natural gas did not), and oil reserves were pledged, catalyzing quite a run. Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm not convinced it's anything more than an isolated, circumstantial incident. But it does demonstrate a strong American spirit and reinforces the resilience and tenacity of this market. Notwithstanding, as I mentioned, I liquidated a bunch of stuff so I have cash ready. This is not to suggest that I will not remain heavily invested -- I will. But wisely. I hope.

    • WalMart and some other retailers have noted shortfalls in forecasts due to higher gasoline prices. When the money goes into the tank of the vehicle, it doesn't go into the stores for non-essentials. So, is GME vunerable to this?

      Joey aka Conors_Dad

    • You are right. I can still see this thing going higher. I like to use the daily RSI as my indicator of choice for shorting. An RSI above 80 with an ensuing stall in the stock and or a double top will make me short ARXT. Not yet though. As long as they can keep dropping the 10 year and jawbone the oil market with threats of the SPR the shorts will continue to cover. Patience.

    • As with all of these stocks I think that they'll run as long as A)specualtion that they'll some how benefit from re-construction continues B) as long as they keep lowering that bond yield. I made alot of money shorting the builders. I did it by watching the 10 year bond, when it began to rise with the RSI of KBH and the entire sector on a Weekly basis above 80 It was time to sell in the near the money calls and sold the common stock. Let's see if they are able to break through the 50 day mva. I'll be watching for that, the bond yeild and higher highs. If they stall I'll be short with you. It's to soon for me now.

    • "What caused the big rally at the end of the day?"

      People were buying the stock. There's your answer.

      You actually rely on IKQ to update you on GME?

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      • The 10 year bond yield was once again pushed down today in a very big way. The bond market is dicounting future growth. Huricane Katrina is no small speed bump. If it's the intent of the Fed to keep the 10 year yield this low I'm not going to fight it. But my positions will be those that may benefit from this ordeal or those stocks that have been hammered but may benefit from an economic slow down.

        I live in New York and gas is now over $3.00 per gallon. Should I ignore it? The United States is country of car drivers. I'm trying to think of who will benfit. Well here it goes.

        PWR- All the big phone carriers are laying down new lines for high speed cable. They will also benefit from the hurican reconstruction.

        LTON- Chinese mainland play. Those Chines love games phones and ring tones and these guys are growing fast.

        DSTI- I pray for higher oil. The higher it goes the more cost effective solar energy becomes. These guys are the low cost players.
        They are young and have contracts. Not for the faint of heart.

        TZOO-making tons of cash. Beaten to a pulp. Ready for lift off.

        RMBS- A highly speculative play. Again not for the faint of heart. It's showing solid support at this level. High volume today with little movement, closed down .07. This tells me that there is indesion now. All of the indicators I use show this stock to be highly oversold. Has a minimum 15% short intrest, that's 5 days to cover. Looking for a rally to the 50 day moving avergage before it collapses again.

        GME- none of your fucking business.

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