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  • peacei2 peacei2 Sep 7, 2005 10:13 AM Flag

    IKQ or Mr. Pump?

    IKQ, you are worse then CNBC with your pump jobs on here. DSTI I guess feels compelled to have a press release every week to keep the stock around 13-14. All though this is an interesting play, the stock won't go north of 20 anytime soon because THEY AREN'T MAKING ANY MONEY. IN FACT, THEY AREN'T EVEN CLOSE TO MAKING ANY MONEY. In business 101, we learned that the purpose of businesses is to make a profit. In your stock picking, you seem to ignore that.

    And yes, RMBS still blows, no 2 point pop coming for you chart man. When I look at yesterdays action, I didn't see consolidation, I saw people selling that POS and buying something else that was better. Plain and simple!

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    • IBD is a great tool!

    • Thanks for the constructive advice, Peace and IKQ. I think I may start subscribing to IBD so I can learn the chart thing too. THis working stuff is overrated.

    • Todd,

      The main the thing with options is that you have to do extensive research on the company before you open a contract. There are three ways that most people play options.

      1. You can buy short term options ahead on earnings.

      2. You can buy long term options on a company like GME. I would have normally only went out to Jan 06 for GME, but I wanted to capture the fourth quarter earnings that come out in Feb. so I had to go out to April to get that time period. If you know there are several possible catalysts in a stock (Ex. GME: merger closing, X-Box 360, holiday period) you can play those catylists with options and try to maximize your return. I got lucky with GME, and I am really going to be able to cash in.

      3. You can use options as insurane going into earnings. Ex: You may have bought 500 shares of GME at 31 and the current price is 34.50. You want to book that profit now but you think GME will report blowout earnings. Sell the stock and book your gain and then buy 5 35 current calls. This will probably only cost you a couple hundred dollars. You can do the rest of the math, I am tired of typing.

      But as IKQ said, NEVER hesitate to take a profit. You can get greedy and lose everything.

    • Use caution with buying options Todd. Peace is wise to take profits. I do buy them but I usually like to sell calls or write puts. The profit potential selling puts and calls is limited but the odds of realizing a profit are far greater.

      Added more RMBS at the close. Keeping the stops tight now. I'm itching to free up capital.

      Tried to go long GME, put in an order at $36.00 but it got away. Tomorrow is another day.

    • $31,000 in AMGN -- no wonder you are so quickly in and out of everything. Hopefully last weeks ups negated today's downs. I bought more DNA today.

      I'm much more diversified since I have virtually all of my cash in the market. I have multiple positions for most sectors.

      Nice play on the GME. I guess I should venture into the options game. My return is a mere 20%.

      I'm not being oink oink on the energy. I am in and out, in and out of energy because of its volatility. Everytime I get out, I wait for a dip and then buy into the relative value and the appropriate sub-sector. I think I am about to score big on my current plays.

    • I just put over $31000 in AMGN last week. And I have just made an absolte killing in GME April 06 35 calls. I bought them at 4. They traded at 5.70 today. That makes almost a 50% gain. I will probably start dumping tomorrow. Not because I think GME is going down, but I would have to shoot myself if I let a 50% gain get away. I don't want to be oink oink oink like you and your energy.

    • Thanks Jordan. Don't sweat the dilution -- buy more. That's what I am going to do. I'm excited at the prospect of increasing my position.

      These dudes know how to manage a company, including PR. Aubrey just bought $15mill of stock between $28 and $29.

      I will let you know my thoughts, and will let you know when I jump out partly.

    • hehehe, yeah it was pretty nutty. I learned an important lesson about limiting amounts invested speculatively. I wish I had had the balls to put more in around 2.50 so I could be in the green now, but I wasn't about to try and catch a falling knife that already cut my throat.

      I hope CHK holds up well in the face of this dilution news. CHK was a case similar to IMX in that I suddenly had more than I would have normally invested in one company ready to be invested, and kind of on a whim, threw it all in there. The only difference is that CHK is in my Roth IRA, so I REALLY want it to behave nicely and give me a quick jump to 40 so I can take some comfort profits. The most recent post-market numbers don't look too bad, but it's gotta hurt my chances of making that quick return.

      I got a report on O&G forwarded to me today; let me know if you would like me to e-mail it to you. It doesn't have too much definite information, but gave me a few points to keep in mind. It sort of concerns when to sell, which has to be a focus of ours whether Peace is wrong or right that energy has topped. Calling this top certainly is going to be difficult, and I'm going to use every resource at my disposal to figure out when to get out. Let me know also if you have any thoughts as to when, or under what circumstances, energy (or energy stocks) may peak (ST or LT).

    • Fuck an a, dude. That is nutty, unless you are a trust fund baby or you have nerves of steel.

      I picked up some HW today, as well as WY. I think the HW looks solid and stands to really run given size of company and likely impact on earnings from Katrina. I understand that some of the construction concerns have gotten a little ahead of themselves, but dont think that applies given that this is a small cap.

      I also picked up some more ECA today, as well as PTEN (after reading that it was unaffected by Katrina, and it will be among key landbased gas drillers as naty gas continues to rise).

      It's notable that oil is dropping, but many of the sector's stocks are not. I only had one drop today, and it was marginal, and my overall gain on my energy plays ($40k worth) was 1.5% today. There is plenty of game if you select wisely. CHK is at the forefront, along with UPL, as well as TSO and VLO.

    • $30K in KCS? That's nothing. I put $20K in IMX when it was trading at 10.70. Now that either implies some nuts or some idiocy (either the purchase or the holding on for dear life; I'm not sure).

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