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  • vlahosa2000 vlahosa2000 Aug 20, 2007 10:11 PM Flag

    60 bucks....count it

    i have talk to worker and shoppers.
    all state that the stores are pack and people are buying.
    my feeling is this stock is in the bag.
    i feel they will do another stock spit vary soon.
    this is just the start.

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    • Ok, so maybe Owensboro, Kentucky is not a major metro area but we have two GameStop stores and both of them have seemed like ghost towns this summer. Maybe it's the local economy but question how GameStop, on a game or used game sell level, will be able to compete with the new on line game rental companies, especially if the economy continues to soften, gas prices continue to rise and even today's teen's have to kick in to help support the family mortage...

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      • there maybe no money for the Mortgage, but they will always have money to buy the games. there is no problem in the gaming buss. they are buying games and this is just the start of the cycle.
        this ones in the bag. a split will happen.
        if this stock goes down, then buy buy buy.
        this is the stock of the year.

      • I pass by a GME store everyday and it seems that people are in there buying up WII's and games everyday. If its true what you are saying about the kentucky stores, then GME needs to close those down and open more in the NYC area. Mortgage problems are felt everywhere (even NY)but it might be worse everywhere else I would think. Maybe just because there are more people in NYC might be the reason why its always packed with people? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • Bioshock out today...Game of the decade here baby!
      Will be picking up my copy at EB/Gamestop this am.

      Talked to number of managaers in the region who have reported tremendous increase in pre-orders over past week for Bioshock.

      Bioshock going to soften the blow from GTA delay.

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