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  • unseennc unseennc Oct 29, 2007 8:32 PM Flag

    Cramer saves GMe from big fall

    Up until Thurs this stock was going in one direction and that was down. It was heavy and could not retain any new highs during the day or the week. Then cramer gave his rec and the stock poped. but the selling during the day still shows the stock wants to go down. Hopefully the stock can continue to gap up in the mornings until Wed afternoon. the FEd cut should bring buyers back into the stock. GH3 release should also help if sales are good. Earnings should push us into a new trading range if they blow out numbers. This stock is priced to perfection and it has not had any major shakeout since the GTA4 press release. Watch out. this stock could see a big drop after the fed party if nothing newsworthy happens. I would love to see GME prerelease guidence/ sept sales info/stock split news next week. to keep the stock up.

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    • yeah made a mistake today. traded strictly on tech for BWLD. Didn't know much about the company and did a quick check on fundementals. It burned me, luckly I didn't risk much. think I'll do some research tonight and make a decsion after the rate cut wether to sell or hold or buy some more. Not thrilled with management missing numbers just to pay themselves. Bad stock management IMO. Oh well live and learn.

      YUM made me some very good money on their earnings and I thought to repeat the trade but it wasn't to be.

      As far as your stagflation fear. I think you have been listening to too much doom and gloom. I look for oil and gold to fall, and the dollar to strengthen after the fed cuts .5 tommorrow. The problem is deflation not inflation. Homes falling is deflation, computers, cars, wages etc all falling or remaing constant. The only inflation we have is food thanks to ethanol and the rise of the middle class in China/brazil/india and russia. Oil is more a matter of the falling dollar than inflation. And the falling dollar is due to deflation. The only way to increase the dollar is to have growth. Thus the Fed will cut and cut big IMO.

    • Sorry unseen I don't really follow many retailers and that includes bwld. Just on a pure bounce bwld seems interesting but tomorrow could be a crazy day so it's shaky regardless IMO.

      A few I do follow and like are gme (obviously), and yum (on a pullback for new purchases). I usually think dks is a good stock too but right now I'm cautious beyond a few months because of economic uncertainty. I need to see the results of the fed, jobs report, and a few other indicators over the next few wks (possible stagflation- "I" include food/oil in inflation). I don't see gme being hurt by any further slowdown that may/may not occur and I like yum's int'l exposure. GL with your decision.


    • Nice comeback, ROFLOL... OMG you're looking pathetic now; you can't even keep your posts straight. The 26/206 is obviously intended for me. Wow, your math is really bad; you "really" should look at giving your $$ to someone else. Look, here's a simple math lesson: "If" I only avg'd 26 good for every 260 bad that would be a 9% success rate. That means that if I gave 26 stock recs I should only have 2 good stocks and that�s not even close to my results (I'm sure you viewed them but if not I'll gladly give you some links ;-)...). I even posted entry points, remember? I've posted other right trades recently (be my guest if you want to go back and do some searching of my past posts, "please" How many times have you "ever" posted "anything close" to that kind of a rec list? Let me answer that for you..."NEVER"... Ohh, your good lol...

      I'll field the worship statement too (even though you got confused and included the two separately directed ramblings in one post). If worshiping someone means valuing their opinion due to their demonstrated knowledge irt what they're doing and talk about then hey, put me down for worshiping a few people on this board. Unfortunately I would not be able to include you on such a list.

      I don't have the patience to teach you anything else because you're obviously a bad learner and I'm tired of wasting my time with you. Goodbye "and" hello to the ignore list... Actually, I'll keep you off ignore for 1 more day in case you need those links I promised. I always keep my word.


    • What are you talking about? miss 260? I'm up 50% since OCT 1.

    • Why are you worshipping this fluke? 26 stocks??? how many did u miss? 260?

    • oops should be BWLD

    • Flyer

      what's your thoughts on BLDW? they missed on earnings but beat revs. looks like stock option expense made them miss. I bought in at the end of the day thinking it might be like YUM or MCD. Was right on the rev side. Question do you thing the sell-off is too much. thinking about buying somemore at the open. Thoughts?

    • I must be very lucky then... Actually, maybe it's more than luck considering the results of the "26 separate stocks" (spanning various industries) that I recommended (with buy prices) in Aug that turned out to be very successful (and "very timely") 2 months later; you must have missed those post. How was I on the right side of all that manipulation? Oh yes, "luck".

      I actually do use a bit of technicals so I'm sure that plays a part. I�m not saying I�ll be right �every time� because it�s impossible to do that due to the huge variety of factors that can pop up and cause the original timing call to become early/late (read wrong). It's really not as hard as you portray it to be though (it being basic timing) and when you get better at it you're ahead of those "manipulators" you like to blame wrong calls on. I guess I'll just keep being lucky (or good) whichever you prefer to call it... I'd wish you good luck but it seems as though you believe it's all out of our control so I'll say "may the manipulators manipulate in your favor".


    • the Bs comes from Wall street who try to make you believe that it is impossible to time the market. The Street times the market everyday. the same goes for daytrading. the street wants you to believe most people lose money daytrading. They do this because if most people understood how easy it is to time the market and make a quick 1-2% per trade the Street would go out of business. This is the same reason that the SEc requires $25,000 for daytrading. This keeps the little guy from putting the funds out of business.

      Clarification: It is not possiblity to time the market 100% of the time but if you are 50% right you make money if you cut your losses when your wrong.

    • Whatever, I never claimed to be an expert at timing. Infact my whole thesis contradicts timing. Timing is impossible because Hedge funds control price...this is why most people lose most of the time when they time the market.But technicians may be slightly better at timing. Dont pretend to be able to time the market because thats all BS. Only those that move markets can time them are just lucky or a liar.

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