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  • unseennc unseennc Oct 30, 2007 5:42 PM Flag

    Will erts earnings thur help GME?

    any thoughts on this? Not sure if it will move the stock or not. MSFT didn't do much. Will erts earnings be the added news to make people understand the story of GME?

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    • What a lengthy spin, plain stupid as usual!

      Again, do yourself a favor: STOP SPINNING TALES, and stop thinking you are smarter than others while you're not!

    • ROFLOL. Wow you're stupid. If you went back to the first post of unseen that I replied to you would notice (if you could comprehend it) that we were actually in a bit af an argument over the outlook for both gme and msft. I believe a few other stocks came into play as well. We actually have fairly different opinions on options (long vs. short term), stock values and a few other things but I respect his opinion because he knows how to articulate a point (unlike you). No wait, I just want to argue with myself... Yea, that makes sense. You can't even figure that out??? Hey, ask xray if he thinks I'm unseen. I think he's generally been on the other side of unseen's posts so maybe he can help straighten you out. For god's sake give your little piggybank to a professional before I end up supporting you too. You have no reasoning skill, no debate skill, and from your investing skill. My time's too valuable to waste on people like you (seriously, you couldn't afford it).

      You know what though? Actually you sound like that other guy eyu something and now you are related to him in another way (Ignored). Please let me know your other "handles" so I can ignore them in advance too. Good lord this board has gone downhill... GL with your Monopoly money and fantasy world that you live in...


    • Yeah...His god Flyerd has come to his rescue...again!!!

    • Well,well, things are so heated up that now you have to jump in to help yourself out!

      Your monologues are quite noticeable, while you think you're smart. LOL!

    • Thanks for the constructive input.

    • Do yourself a favor: STOP SPINNING TALES. The more you spin, the stupider you prove yourself. Got it?

      You are the single crazy poster on this board who doesn't know much of what he is talking about. Got it?

    • "Your question has been answered, ego-strong idiot."

      --> What? After reading this thread all I observed was a Q irt erts possibly influencing gme and a bunch of crap about Cramer after that (much of it from you). How's that answering the Q???... LOL

      Here, I'll do it. There are many other big events in the mkt now so any pos/neg results from game makers will be influenced (potentially significantly) by them (one happens today....). That said, ERTS should have great ern's and guidance (although it will be conservative). They will talk about integration efforts underway, online progress, and will comment on good game sales for games like Orange Box, Madden, etc. They should also comment about the strong line-up they have like Army of two, Spore, Spielberg's unnamed game, etc.

      All-in-all it will paint a very good picture for the VG sector and should help to give gme support in the mid to high 50's. It may even push gme into the $62-3 range. THQI is another one to watch. They've had some negative action recently but that's in the stock so if they report a good outlook they will not only help themselves but they will also add to the good picture that EA paints.

      I think that is a little closer to an answer to the title of this thread...


    • You think this board/ my posts helps/hurts the stock? But Cramer doesn't move the stock? This board may get 1/10,000 of the veiws Cramer's show gets in a month. There are a couple of people on this board that make sense. You're not one of them.

    • Your question has been answered, ego-strong idiot. Try to read others' posts with comprehension.

      Or you may just go ahead to release whatever voice in your little mind, to answer your own question or keep the answer to yourself, as you're so full of yourself. You won't be missed by the board if you ever decide to stop posting.

      Try hard to understand what this means: STOP SPINNING TALES, for you're not helping yourself or the stock.

    • You all go ahead and live in your little "reality". I'll continue to trade this stock and make money. If you all can't understand the difference between short term and long term you may want to think about a new hobby. Cramer's impact was short term and he changed the short term direction of the stock. His influence on the stock is now gone. It is time to look for a new impact. I'll ask the question again. Will ERTS earnings impact the stock? Now if you all can put you Cramer vodoo dolls down and think about the question at hand.

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