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  • ffgridirongirl ffgridirongirl Nov 14, 2007 12:54 PM Flag

    Non-expert, casual gamer thoughts on GME

    Ok, last reply to this guy b/c he's tiring.

    The internet bubble popped on lots of companies, but Google is no worse for wear today. Yes, if a recession hits it may affect GME, but I think the company is good enough to come out on top. But then, I'm not in this for the short run.

    A) "Google today has no peers." The definition of a peer is "one of equal status with another." By your own words, "best of breed" you are defining Google as peerless. MSN, Yahoo, etc are merely in the same industry or category

    B)"I believe GME is the video game retailer that will have no peers in the future in its industry." Ha,ha, ha Is Kmart, WalMart, Costco, Sears, Amazon, Ebay, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy going away?

    First of all, those places aren't going away b/c the do not only sell video games like GME does. Numerous people have made this point before. There are very few retailers in GME's category b/c GME bought them (Babbages, EB, so on). So, in the future, heck maybe even today, GME will be peerless in its category.

    C)"Buying used games and trying to sell them is unprofitable! Again, Buying used games and trying to sell them is unprofitable!"

    How do you explain their record profits, earnings, etc., reported in cold, hard financial sheets then? I've already explained to you how this is profitable. Besides a business doesn't stay in business very long by making an "unprofitable" business practice a major part of its model.

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