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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Dec 6, 2007 6:45 PM Flag

    Are there any shorts left in this stock?

    Yep, I am still short, GME could go to a $100.

    But GME will get slammed to below $30 when the funds that are pumping this story decide to unload it.

    I covered part on earnings when this pig went below $49. But I am just waiting until they kill this pig. Helicopter Ben cannot re inflate the housing bubble and any consumer that is not scared or cutting back are going into a "hurt locker."

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    • ROFLOL... Wow am I glad I took you off ignore to see "if" you came back. I actually g=have to give you credit for showing your face (not literally of course). Too bad the rest of your puts will be worthless. Just like mine will be (the ones I "sold"). All you have to do is keep on buying puts as the stock goes to your $100 tgt price and you'll lose lots along the way. I actually don't see $100 until sometime in 2009 but maybe you'll be right. GL shorting on the way there... Let's see how long it is before I have to put you on ignore again...


      P.S. I'm back to a "buy" from a "strong buy" now since were sitting at $60. I'll say it for you: "Good call Flyer" ;-)

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