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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Dec 20, 2007 7:27 PM Flag

    Waiting to get CROX ed

    GME is a "no moat" retailer in a crowded space that has had a huge run up. I just waiting for it to get CROX ed. Tomorrow? next month? Do not know... but the GME is ripe.

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    • No moat? There aren't any video game stores like GME.

      Oh sure you are going to say BBY and Radioshack, like you said months ago. Dont bother. They aren't the same. I checked out a few radioshacks since our last conversation. Only one sold video games. They had exactly 3 games for sale, and one was Madden 2005 for 23$.

      BBY isn't the same either. They dont buy or sale used games, and their selection and stock is not as good. Also you can never be in and out of BBY in 5 minutes. It always takes around 30 minutes. Last I saw GME didn't sale TVs and and the other shit that BBY sells.

      Then there are online stores like amazon. Unforunately it takes between a few days to a week for me to receive the game I want.

      OHHH WAIT GME sells games online as well. In fact you can receive them in just a hour. Put in your order, download the game off their website, grab sandwhich and watch TV for 30 mins. When you come back the game is just sitting their waiting for you to play.

      GME definately has a moat. You can look at the finacial statements and see it. It might be a crossable moat, but it would have to be a VERY determined company.

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      • Bull! LOL

        On Tuesday Zack's rated GME as the true safe play in video gaming's exactly what Zack's said:

        <<"Probably the only safe play, as far as being positive on a stock, is GameStop (NYSE: GME), a specialty retailer of video games. It's still enjoying the tidal wave of video game sales that continue to go strong.">>

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