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  • abitarecatania abitarecatania Dec 20, 2007 3:19 PM Flag

    Waiting to get CROX ed

    GME has one of the highest P/Es in the retail space and the retail sector has been crushed. GME will get CROX ed it is a matter of time.

    Insiders have sold in the last 12 months: $1,392,153,395

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    • OT: She was probably not at all what she sounded like though... One of my favorite approaches was in flight school down in CC Texas. We were coming back from a X-country flight to La and the controller began to "sound like" his son (probably 7-9 yrs old) after asking us if he could "sound like" his son... It was memorable for that and also for the fact that we were in a hurry so I flew it much faster than a normal approach which compelled the controller to ask if we were actually a T-34... LOL

      A few other "interesting" approaches in S. Korea and Japan top the list though. It's that 1% of the time that's "really memorable" (sometimes not so fun though). Like being "in the goo & low on fuel" on a VFR turned IFR flight with no working radar or TACAN approaches. Helicopters don't fly so well without gas. No gas would mean a good ole "IMC" autorotation with the RAD ALT. Fun, fun, fun... LOL(now...)



    • Joe,

      flyer is not a pilot, he is a "H-53 pilot", which NEVER fly. TACAN in a 737?

    • Adding to gridiron's post: There's a reason tgt, bby, etc are down near 52wk lows vs. gme being closer to its 52wk high. It goes back to being a diversified retailer or one that's bore sited in the right mkt (like gme). VG sales actually helped those other retailers from going "even lower" than they otherwise would. GME's focus in the hottest sector it why it "can not" be compared to those others. "If" the VG sector was slowing down and contracting GME would get hit way more than the diversified retailers but since that's "not" the case it really makes no sense to try making a case for gme's demise...

      On being a retailer:


    • >>"below mins"<<

      --> LOL joe737. Well, as you know, the "mins" depend on what type of approach plate you're using though (and if it's being held upside down or not) ;-) Personally, the best I used to get was just a TACAN approach unless I was getting the good old comforting feeling of a "on glide slope, on course" approach...


    • Funny despite all the "GME has high rent and labor costs and cannot compete with BestBuy" kind of posts; GME has both higher gross margins and operating margins (comfortably ahead of BestBuy and other competitors).

      Another unsupported claim.

    • Joe,

      Thanks for the reply.You might want to get a second / third job, besides flying and trading stocks. Unless, you plan on going to an emerging market to fly there.

      Starbucks is down 19% in a month. Coffee and food mark up is 80-95%. Coffee costs 5-20 cents per cup and sells for $2-5.00 per cups. Margins on VG are tight and selling used games / DVD is unprofitable from a high rent retail space.

      GME P/E is laughably high.
      The VG retail is extremely competitive
      GME has high labor and rent costs.
      VG sellers: CC, RSH, TGT, BBY etc... have been selling off hard.
      Insiders sold $1.4 billion in the last 12 months. Don't be foolish. WAVE OFF! WAVE OFF!
      GME is below mins, better look for an alternate ASAP!

    • Same guy, same tactic, he does not trade alone.
      Small "mom and pop" retail spaces cannot compete (due to labor costs) with the big box retailers. GME is competing with big box retailers, it is suicide.

      Look at the premium GME shares are getting.

      The stock market is ultimately efficient and GME will sell off. Did you get a CAPS account? There is more useful information there then here.

    • That article is 10 years old. Vinik only manages about a $1.4 billion portfolio now (nowhere near the influence of the $50 billion he once controlled).


      But thank you for at least giving something to back up your arguments. The "little guys" have to be aware of the power of the "big guys." That's a given we can't do much about unless we put all our money in their funds and pay them a fee to do so. However, guys like Vinik also have to worry about other big guys who see a stock a guy like Vinik would run up and pull out of as a great investment. "One Wall Streeter considers him ''a poster child for momentum players. He takes big stakes in companies not based on research or fundamentals but on trading strategies.''--from your article

      If Vinik misses his time frame he pulls out of a good investment, READ "Vinik's tactics don't always work. He has sold stocks that continued to outperform the market long after he unloaded them. Last November he started buying Morningstar Group Inc. at 16. In February, he began selling it at 19 to 23. Today, the stock is at 44 3/8."--from your article.

      I think the big argument that has continued to run on here is that GME has great fundamentals and growth potential to come. As we've stated before, VG is not a fad and GME is not a fad like Crox or Jones Soda. That's the point.

      We understand you think it's a "pump and dump." Please tell us why. What weakens the fundamentals/the growth prospects to the point that big managers no longer see it as a viable growth investment and start unloading?

      Chances of recession and poor economy are pretty good arguments for the continued falling of all stock prices, but I actually think having VG stocks during this time will be one of the few places still growing if a recession is full blown.

      By the way, the recent jobs data does put a damper on my hopes we'd just see a slow down and not a real recessionary period. But jobs are key. We'll see how it all unfolds.

    • Why did they unload when the stock was at $30?

      Obviously they didn't know something.

    • I think many of us are holding on to our shares of GME. Many of us do not want to sell at $62 and change, I think we are waiting for something more like $64 to sell some of our shares. And we know that GME is worth higher.

      If you really are such a short expert why didn't you mention SWHC before they fell below $6 when they were still in the teens at the time they incurred some new debt.?

      You desperately hate GME for some reason. It is your obvious desperation that makes me believe that you know GME is fearfully bullish.

      • 1 Reply to tala_gah
      • I do not hate GME. I hate the funds that pump and dump these garbage stocks on a bunch of poor idiots, who buy this story. Typically, pumped on CNXC, Boyah!!! and run up by the same hedge funds, who randomly unload the stock for a 30-50% loss in a day.

        Same pattern, same funds and same retroric by the retail bag holders, who have no idea they are being played for suckers.

        GME should be selling for $15 - 30. It has been artificially run up by a couple of funds. In time they will unload hard. The insider selling is telling....

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