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  • unseennc unseennc Jan 24, 2008 1:34 PM Flag

    Stimulus per IRS not till June

    $300 for those making less than 24,000 year
    $600per person $1200 for couples plus $300 per child
    for those making 24,000-75,000

    still not till june if every thing goes smoothly. might help christmas sales.

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    • yeah after the FED cut I think it would be a good idea for our government to reissue the 30year T bills and the government should refi their debt at record low rates..

      Just because you don't get the rebate...don't hate the windfall..

    • No but there is some websites with more information. I guess as long as you have a company name/tax id your good. A S corp or LLC would be the best I think. The audits come swhen you try to define yourself as a trader on the 1040 form.

    • I actually thought about that but I'd probably get audited and told that I was committing tax evasion while at the same time the 2 and 20 crowd pay 15% on their "earnings" by treating them as "cap gains"... Lets open a hedge fund. Start pooling money. Do you know anyone who has successfully implemented any such plan?


    • Whoppeee....Ok Happy dance over...

      What is $300.00 dollars really? 2 GME 50 puts. How much can this help in the short term?

    • I agree Grid, They "should" count! If they're going to give out "even more" money for kids why not through around some for pets?!?!... I spent 2K on our cat in emergency vet bills to try saving him but it didn't work. I actually probably spent close to 10K on him over his lifetime. The other one was less "expensive". And the newest replacement is less pricy so far as well... and YES pets "are" just like kids. I hear some people say "pets aren't the same as having a kid" but I disagree. Maybe I'm entirely too passionate about pets...I don't think so... ;-)

      BTW, for all the "I hate cats and prefer dogs because they are smarter" people: My cats fetch, sit, and stay. Seriously!


    • Nah, nah, nah Quick what's $500-$200? Well it's $300 the same amount I'm getting back on my taxes....imagine that...

    • Do puppy dogs that you care for entirely too much count as a "child"? I do pay for dog food, water and puppy toys!

      Sorry flyer. So do you just get taxed capital gains on everything b/c that's your income? I haven't ever had capital gains/losses to worry about at tax time b-4 so is it a flat rate or is it a sliding scale based on how much gains?

    • On rebates in general, I don't understand the "why." Are we really in that bad of economic times or is it just perception in a hyper-sensitive, information overload world? Do we really need a "stimulus?"

      I mean this got Dems and Repubs working together, comprimising so well/so fast it makes me think the world declared war on us or something. Is it just the election year?

      Does the gov always do this when economic downturn threatens? (I admit that I'm just now getting old enough I pay more attention to the overall news like I should so maybe I've just missed this happening before). The big question is: should it? I don't know. I'm fine with getting a tax "rebate." I'm taxed too much as it is. Yet, I just have this feeling I'll pay for my rebate and about 4 other peoples before this is all said and done. Or is government going to cut spending by $100 billion to cover the "rebates?" I'm a skeptic.

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      • Why? several reason take your pick.

        The election is coming up.

        The leveraged debt in this country is very bad, worse then we know.

        their are forces at work that we as avg citizens are too stupid to understand.

        the election is coming

        Credit card debt is out of control, defaults on homes, cars and credit cards are going paroblic due to the tough bankruptcy laws that the government passed which caused alot of these problems to begin with IMO. If personal balance sheets are not cleared up we could see a major deflationary event the likes of the great depression.

        the election is coming

        Banks are close to insolvency and they need a steady stream of mortage payments to offset the losses of forclosures

        the election is coming.

        Among other things. Is it that bad? No will it get worse if nothing is done? yes will this stop it from getting worse? Have no idea. It could cause a massive spike in inflation. Which would be could from an asset view but bad from a commoditity view.

        Personally I think there are serious problems out there. You just do not have the FEd cut by .75 intermeeting, the partisain government become long lost friends and everyone of our leaders repeating over and over again that the economy is strong while doing all this. If it was strong they wouldn't do it.

      • I think the fact that it's an election year has a lot to do with it. Both parties want to look good heading into the heart of campaign season. Super Tuesday is coming up in less than two weeks also.

    • Yes but that's actually not what I'm expecting to have the greatest affect anyway. I think people will spend more than they otherwise would have because they are able to lock in lower mortgage rates/payments. Additionally, I expect all the collective "recovery" actions being taken will help stabilize and raise the mkt which will also make people feel better as they see their retirement funds come back. All of this will cause consumer sentiment to improve and that will do "a lot" more than any small checks from the IRS. "JMO"


    • I think you are already stimulated enough.
      It's enough to but SOMEONE a bowflex.

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