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  • francozampetti francozampetti Feb 6, 2008 5:11 AM Flag

    Earnings release - Some info-food for thought

    I try to stay informed. Still wish I worked for them. Who is this?

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    • Hector

    • Franco, Sorry for your frustration about my post, but I am not an employee there so titles to me are not the greatest of concerns when I post, he must be a regional director to be specific, "someone who works in the field that is a director", he covers multiple states, my lingo is different because of my past. They don't have any other people I assume you would confuse this with, a DM is not a director usually with any company and then is the VP over the RD, again in most cases. My point wasn't the QTY release of the options (note that it was his opinion, I don't think he cares about the total # of options going out like we may), that is really non-material as I indicated it was pointed towards, or intended to point towards a potential split with the release based on his advice when they release these options. That is the key factor, if the company is motivated to increase the share stake to associates by splitting after an issue, this is large for employees, it gives them the feel that they get 100 options at 0, and next week it goes to 200 options, it's a nice plan and that is the way he presented their thought process. This "may" help indicate a split again. The beauty of talking with people in stores when you own a boat load of shares, you talk with them and learn, they are usually quick to share information, although not always accurate to a tee, pretty close thus far. I haven't received a bad rumor yet from any GME employee, even unhappy managers share sales figures in stores I visit. You ask and they are proud of their accomplishments, the directors I am sure have a much more broad scope, correct me if I am wrong, I am guessing it is only VP and President above them which entitles them to a lot more truth.

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