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  • unseennc unseennc May 6, 2008 12:16 PM Flag

    O/T Matt still not to late to get into MVL.

    short squeeze starting. If IM does well again this weekend we could see $36 next monday.

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    • didn't think about MSFT might be a good trade there. With Yhoo looking more and more finished IRT MSFT and if HPQ has great eanring MSFt might move big. Interesting. Thanks for the head's up will be on my radar today. MVL is a buy on any pull back. read this weekend that to figure what they earn from the movie just times the worldwide boxoffice take by 46%. So at 320m so far est will be raised, large short position and the incredible hulk waiting on deck. Haven't been this excitied about a stock since DE last year, and WFR when it was trading at $10.00
      I can't state what a steal MVL is without looking like a big time cheerleader. Let's just say the street made the wrong bet IRT MVL and now they understand it. Kind of reminds me of the disbelief in the VG sector before last year also.

      Well good luck.

    • yes playing, did ok last year was in the top 10% for the majority of the game until it got to the point when the leaders where so far ahead there was no hope of catching up so lost interest in it. Hopefully this year with the new rules a good pick in one stock will not propel someone to a point where the rest of the pack can never catch up. i'm pretty sure this year can only have 25% of your portfiolo in one stock, add in forex trading and it looks pretty good. Euro is going to get shorted. NZD, looney and the aust dollar all look ready for a fall too.

    • btw - I am playing the mil $ challenge. Are you? Did you play last year? If so, how did you fair?

    • You are right about GME and the video game sector. That story is far from over and ATVI proves that. GME is very attractive at these levels, although I'd love to buy in sub $50. Let's hope it gets mistakenly dragged down with retail this week. I'd rather play that than a dip in COST and/or WMT.

      MVL is up in PM. I'm sure it's based on the box office news. Looks like that uptrend will continue.

      HOQ should work, although I am probably playing their success with MSFT. MSFT is very attractive at these levels. Great buy and write choice as well. Own it even lower or get it called away for a quick profit.

      I haven't been playing the AG sector lately. Do you play many staddles? Good be a good option for DE.

      DUG will be a great play at some point. Will it be this week or next month? That's the question. I may buy some calls myself.

    • WMt is coming out of a 3 and 5 year base. $50.00 was resistence for 3 years. the next resistence is $60.00 should hit $60.00 maybe shot a little higher than pull back some. Before it ramps ups past $60.00 during the last 5 years WMT continued to grow but it's p/e contracted. Now you have increasing sales/profits with increasing p/e. WMT is powerfully charged watch for a break out above $60.00 if GDP continues to have slow or neg growth.

      Costco not very familar with. charts looks like its coming into the upper range of a 5 year bull trend. Should see some retrace soon also. I wouldn't be surprised if earnings is a take profit time in both stocks. Could see a 3-5% pullback soon if retail numbers are terrible.

      GME is setting up for a nice play. ATVI showed the truth. Yet retail should suck this week. GME may sell off some with the sector before earnings. Looks like a good time to be buying the dips and avg in. Expecting GME to blow numbers away like ATVI.

      Looking at MVL this week. DE and HPQ. I think I want to buy HPQ before earnings and sell into strength, DE a straddle might be the way to play. either way it is going to move big. Been held down by AG and CNH reports. If DE reports better than expected numbers will show that DE is taking share from AG and CNH and stock should blow past 52 week high. If it reports like AG and CNH did stock is going to get taken out and shot. No way to tell which way it will move but it will move.

      MVL is just on fire. I see MVL at $90.00 by 2010 maybe earlier. It is ripe for a p/e expansion and/or a buyout. If buyout happens expect a bidding war as all studios try to secure a profitable IP line up during a decrease movie going public. Pixar went for 7.5b MVL has more potential than a pixar and only a $2.5b market cap.

      HPQ should have great numbers everyone knows that so I would expect a buy on rumor sell on news run. Should be good for a point or two before earnings.

      May short oil and/or gold here. not sure. Oil broke out of fundementals and is trading on octane. dangerous to short but a couple calls in DUG may pay off big

      That's may game plane. you playing the million dollar CNBC tomorrow?

    • AES was a good play. I may buy some MVL calls before the bell. Doesn't look like we will rally into close, so they may be cheap.

    • If only we could know. sold my AES calls today. Been a pretty good day so far. Have a couple MVL calls but looking to avg in some more. Will probalby wait until close to see if the market rebounds. I think it will, the news has been good lately on every front. AIG numbers are the past not the future. Oil is trading in a bubble should come down. The numbers do not support the worldview that supply is not there. There are no gaslines, the inventory numbers are bearish, Saudi says enough oil on the market. Venuzula just increased their proven reserves by 30billion. At the same time electric cars and ethanol are starting to really take off. I see demand destruction starting big time.

    • The markets pretty weak today, so that doesn't help. A solid weekend in the box office coupled with a positive day in the market could be the perfect storm. Who know how the market will trade Monday though.

    • still thinking about it. Not sure if I like the price action. I would expect shorts to cover going into the weekend. If Iron Man does better than expected this weekend it might gap up monday

    • definitely can't complain. You buying MVL? It's oversold at the moment.

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