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  • zarathustra2u zarathustra2u Jun 6, 2008 11:16 AM Flag

    Well so much for the rally yesterday

    Only a true idiot blames one political party for the price of oil. That means you.

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    • Only an idiot does not understand why oil is as high as it is. the democates are the party holding up drilling, the democrates are the party holding up nuclear plants, the democrates are the party that put the continential drilling off limits, the democrates vetoed ANWR, the democrates put offshore drilling off limits. The democrates are the party talking about a carbon tax and gas tax to "conserve gas usage".

      So that would be you. Democrates are the only party to blame for this increase in gas prices. they have had 30 years of history of blocking energy growth in this country, they have a history of being against growth, of being against tax cuts, of being against oil. Wake up and see the cost of voting democratic. Vermont will be facing a very cold winter and they have no one to blame but themselves. The stupidity of democrates knows no bounds it seems.

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