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  • unseennc unseennc Jun 6, 2008 11:32 AM Flag

    Well so much for the rally yesterday

    Only an idiot does not understand why oil is as high as it is. the democates are the party holding up drilling, the democrates are the party holding up nuclear plants, the democrates are the party that put the continential drilling off limits, the democrates vetoed ANWR, the democrates put offshore drilling off limits. The democrates are the party talking about a carbon tax and gas tax to "conserve gas usage".

    So that would be you. Democrates are the only party to blame for this increase in gas prices. they have had 30 years of history of blocking energy growth in this country, they have a history of being against growth, of being against tax cuts, of being against oil. Wake up and see the cost of voting democratic. Vermont will be facing a very cold winter and they have no one to blame but themselves. The stupidity of democrates knows no bounds it seems.

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    • "So that would be you."

      No it wouldn't. I'm not a Democrat.

      You dismiss the decline of the U.S. dollar. You dismiss Chinese and Indian demand. You dismiss speculation on futures. You dismiss geopolitical threats. You dismiss the effect of destabilizing the middle east by invading and occupying Iraq. In fact, you dismiss 97% of what drives the price of oil and focus instead on 3%, revealing yourself to be a foolish partisan huckster rather than an objective investor investigating real causes and effects of price movements.

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      • Let's see what I dismiss.

        China and Indian demand can be balanced with more supply.

        If not for the imbalance of supply and demand speculation would not be in the market.

        If our trade imbalance was not as huge due to us importing less oil than the dollar would not be falling as much.

        The middle east "destabilization" you speak of would be there regardless if we were in Iraq or not. that food for oil program kept supply coming just fine didn't it. Iraq with the recent decrease in volience thanks to the surge is now pumping about at the level before the war and has plans to increase supply in the coming months and years. something that the UN would not have allowed Sadaam to do.

        All of the things you list goes back to one thing. supply. all those issues that you say is 97% of oil the moves boils down to one thing that is more demand than supply.

        therefore I know this might be incredibly hard for you to grasp but if you increase supply prices will drop. the dems have done everything in their power to not only not increase supply but to further decrease that supply.

        the Bakken Formation in Nd holds 413 billion bls of oil of which with present technology we can get at about $-10billion blls. The Sauidi have about 55billion. Anwr holds proven reserves of 10billion and probable reserves of 40billion blls.

        China is drilling for oil off the florida coast.

        If the Congress came out tommorrow and said we will drill any where in the USa for oil. the price of Oil will be at $100.00 in a day.

        It has nothing to do with being a partisian hack. there is right and wrong. the dems are on the wrong side of this issue deal with it.

        Oh yeah in the future when discussing prices and such you might want to try to seperate the syptoms from the cause. I know from you discussions you have no idea what the cause of oil price is but you really need to figure it out.

    • You just went from someone whose posts I enjoyed reading and found informative to sounding like a raving lunatic!

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      • Just saying what the media won't say. You have to understand the problem before you can fix it. I am not a republician I am a conservative. I do not klnow the present rep in office. they are more democrates lite then true republicains. BHO will make things 100 times worse. You do not raise taxes during a recession, you do not put in policies that increase the cost of energy during a recession, you do not build trade tarriffs during a time of recession and you do not destroy your energy compnaies during a time of recession, you do not increase spending when your dollar is crashing, you do not give less freedom to your economy during a recession, you do not regulate your economy to death during a recession.

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