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  • unseennc unseennc Jun 11, 2008 3:24 PM Flag

    anyone still think oil and GME is not linked?

    or if those puts were too expensive of insurance? the market is heading lower as long as oil stays up. The USA economy can not handle $4.00/gal gas. Too many people of the bottom incomes will be wiped out. consumer spending will dry up. Add in that BHO and the dems will most likely have the reins of power come NOV and they you start thinking cap and trade, higher taxes, less energy, more regulations, retreat and surrender across the world, trade barriers being erected etc. Some of these things might be good for the country (maybe I doubt it) but they are all terrible news for the market. We could see Dow 8,000 by NOV.

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    • greedy? without greed you would not have a stock market. You would not have capitalism. Do you understand the concept of profit motive? Profit motive is a fancy way of saying greed. Without greed you would have nothing. there would be no inventions, no increase in the standard of living. People would be happy with a dirt floor, food on the table, roof over their head. If you and your commune buddies want to live like that feel free.

      BUT don't ever try to make me live like that. Greed is nothing but the drive to better onesself.

      As far as a hypocrite and as far as approving of people buying gas guzzelers? It is none of my business what someone else buys. Do you understand the concept of FREEDOM. If someone can afford to gas up an SUV for $4.00/gal more power to them. I think its a waste of their money. If that is what they enjoy driving and doing who the hell am I or you to tell them no?

      You might as well bitch about all those greedy Indians and Chinesse that are buying cars. If only they were not so greedy and kept riding their bicycles gas would still be at $2.00/gal. why are Americans driving SUV's "greedy" and chinesse buying cars not?

      the problem is the lack of supply caused by the democrates bottling up our natural resources.

      The oil shales holds up to 2 TRILLION bls of oil. That's in our backyard. And due to the democrates we can't get it. The Bakken shale hoilds 400 BILLION blls of oil and we can't get it. Each and everyone of these sites can match saudi production and we can't get it. ANWR holds close to 40 BILLION bls of oil and we can't get it. All because the democrates have said oil is evil.

      BHO has just stated on CNBC that he is not unhappy gas is at $4.00/gal. He is just unhappy it got there this quick. The man people would like to be President is happy and does not care that gas is $4.00/gal. He just wish it would have taken a slower path to get there. Do you understand what he said. He is happy people are suffering. He is happy that the economy is going down the tank. He is happy because it gives him power over you. Do you understand that concept?

      Wake up people. The democrates have restricted supply of oil to drive up the price. Everytime you fill you car up you can thank your overlords for the privilege. Keep voting democratic and we will be the ones riding bicycles and the chinesse will be driving the SUV's. this country has raised a bunch of uneducated whimps that have no idea what it means to be free and are afraid to have the power to control their own destiny.

    • Unseen, you are the typical, greedy Repub hypocrite. All you do is bitch about the high cost of oil. How it's killing the economy and GME's shareprice, and yet you approve of people buying gas guzzlers.

      You are going to become unseen by me, because I'm putting you on ignore.

    • so the averge joe doesn't need an SUV? How do you know. Do you know how many kids the avg joe has? just stick them all in the back of that roomy civic. And what's the problem with SUVs? why shouldn't an AMerican be able to buy a big car? When did we has a nation become a bunch of neb noses? I could care less if my neighbor hads an SUV, pickup truck or a civic. they are free to do and buy what they want. Who am I to tell them they can't? Americans need to relearn the lost art of minding their own business.

      advertising doesn't work in a vacuum. You can not sell something to someone that does not benefit them.

      And who are these "unwashed masses". OH you mean your fellow citizens? Why should they not have their Suv's and McMANSIONs? why should they have to live a life's of misery and less? should we not be happy that those unwashed masses have a happy comfortable life?

    • The average Joe never wanted nor needed a SUV (as an example) until he was told that he needed one. If you don't think that advertising convinces the unwashed masses as to what they want you are living in a different world.

    • welcome back....glad to see everyone hasn't been drinking the BHO kool-aid. but then McCain doesn't get it either. Free Market capitalism is the greatest thing to bring energy costs down. Let the drilling begin.

    • so you are saying that it matters not what I want in a car. all that matters is what my "betters" think I should have? Last I looked we were still a somewhat free country.

    • "You do not give a customer a little car when he wants a big one and you do not give him a big car when he wants a little one. It's called servicing...,"

      No, actually its called brainwashing.

    • Yeah becaue our standard of living is so much worse than in 1962. Maybe it was consumer choice that killed off those ideas. You ever wonder if those oil and auto companies are only following customer choices.

      See how quickly GM and F are cutting SUV production with the new market forces. If oil goes back down, American will want a big car again and GM and F will build it for them. You do not give a customer a little car when he wants a big one and you do not give him a big car when he wants a little one. It's called servicing the customer. But don't worry once the democrates win, the customer choices will be decided by Washington not the market.

    • well here is something new:

      Washington – Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) today called on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to lift a moratorium that essentially bars the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from leasing land for commercial oil shale development.

      During his testimony, Hatch also presented a letter from Utah Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr., who asked committee members in the letter to lift the oil shale-lease moratorium, calling it a “matter of great importance for Utah and the nation.”

      Hatch also submitted a written statement to the committee in which he stated his stand on oil shale and asked committee members about their stand.

      “The question . . . for the members of this committee, and I should add, for the Democratic leadership of Congress, is whether you will adopt the anti-oil agenda of the environmental movement as an element of your own energy policy.” Hatch said in the statement. “So far, I have heard of proposals to tax successful energy production, to investigate the oil futures markets, to ban Canadian oil imports in favor of oil from Venezuela, Russia, and the Middle East, and to call for delay after delay in the commercial production of oil shale. … These policies would not produce one drop of oil.”

      The moratorium was imposed as part of the Consolidated Appropriation Act of 2008 and it inconsistent with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT), which directed the BLM to lease several tracts of federal oil-shale land for research and to issue commercial-leasing regulations.

      Hatch said oil shale and tar sand development are more economical, environmentally responsible and require less water than ethanol production. What’s more, he told committee members, Utah and Colorado have between 800 billion and two trillion barrels of recoverable oil.

      Because the U.S. is so dependent on foreign oil, the senator added, the nation is sending “$600 billion overseas, often to countries that are our enemies. We need to use that money for development” of domestic oil to meet our energy needs.

      “We need to wake up and stop sending money to our enemies throughout the world,” Hatch said.

      so the dems have put 800 billions of oil off limits to our oil companies at a time of record prices. Yeap everytime I fill up my tank I know where to place the blame. the democrates in Congress just put more oil than Saudis have off limits. If I was the Gov of Utah I would tell the Congress to go to hell.

    • The crazy person is back! WOOHOO... Republican nut job!

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      • hmmm, so I guess less government, lower taxes, and more freedom is a nut job now? They thought that too in the old Soviet Union. damn socialist idiots do not know what they are asking for. I enjoy going to the store and having bread, enjoy going to the gas station and not waiting in line for 5 hours to get my ration of gas. Do they not teach supply and demand in high school anymore?

        Name me one program that the government as been able to do correctly in the last 200 years without massive waste, fraud, abuse and shortages?

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