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  • unseennc unseennc Jul 7, 2008 1:15 PM Flag

    General Motors had a 25% swing in 2 days

    You comment is pure bullshit. your hatred for america know's no bounds. The American helth system is one of the best in the world. candians cross the border to get our paid health care instead of their free health care.

    cuba had to fly in doctors from spain to treat Castro. I wonder why they didn't use their own "world class" doctors and helath system?

    ted Kennedy didn't fly to Europe for his brain surgegy or to Cuba. He went to Duke hospital in the USA.

    We have medicare and mediciad for the poor that can not afford healthcare.

    without america europe would still be rules by the Nazis, russia would be controled by the Nazis too. It was the fact that America supplies Stalin with arms during WW2 that enabled russia to fight Hitler.

    without americian protection after WW2 Europe would be rules from Moscow. Most of Asia would be ruled by Toyko. without American aid during the cold war many countires would have fallen to communist regimes. Tawian would not be the free country is is today nor would South Korea, even china would not be as free today without the USA.

    In short without america and its ideas of freedom the world would be a very different place and not a very good place.

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