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  • unseennc unseennc Jul 7, 2008 1:03 PM Flag

    General Motors had a 25% swing in 2 days

    I am mostly a technologist. I believe given a free market, a profit motive, and freedom (free speech, freedom of movement, freedom of use etc) that the human mind will come up with solutions to any problem. This has been shown countless times through out human history. The fear that we will run out of resources is just that a fear. When it comes to oil we have already invented ways to have transportation without oil. Be it fuel cells, electric cars, ethanol, coal to liquid, LNG, solar, wind, oor even horses if needed etc. the technology is there to drastically reduce our need for oil as a transportation fuel.

    America uses 25% of oil because before no one else wanted it or could afford it. We were not selfish we simply used what others did not want or could not afford. As more people come into wealth and want more cars etc America will use less and the rest of the world will use more. Europe with its tax system has made it clear they do not want to use as much oil. China, India, and venuzlua with its subsides as made it equally clear that they want to use more.

    It was the Americian economy that lifted China and india out of poverty. If not for trade China and India would still be poverty stricken and would not need oil.

    the resource issue will be solved by technology IMO at least when it comes to energy. However we need to be a vibrant economy to be able to implement that technology and for that we need cheaper oil. The best way to ensure cheaper oil is to increase supply. We have the supply and we should drill it. To do less would be selfish on our part. We have a duty to the world to drill our own oil.

    The world is finite the universe is not. therefore I am in favor of a strong space program. There is plenty of resources off world. Here again technology will be key but again it is only wealthy nations that can afford to have a space program.

    So all answers come back to a strong economy. We can not conserve our way out of problems. We need to grow and invent our way out.

    The free market as done in the last 3 months more for CAFA standards then 30 years of government action. For all environmental concern people out there that should be an example that screams to you.

    As far as what we have done for the world lately? We have risen the two most populus countries in the world out of abject poverty, we have given two other counties freedom from despotic regiems, we continue to help feed the world, we continue to invent and better peoples lives throughout the world. We continue to protect the world with our military might. We continue to keep the seas safe and navigatable, We continue to help victims of natural diasters across the world. We continue to fight the extreme movement of jihadi to keep civilazation in the 21sst century instead of reverting to the 7th century.

    Yes we have negatives as well but the good America has done and is doing far outweights the bad.

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