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  • unseennc unseennc Jul 3, 2008 2:26 AM Flag

    riddle me this.

    if gas demand fell 2.9% on avg over the last 4 weeks why is gas still at all time highs?

    If you believe the dems all we need to do to decrease oil prices is to conserve. Yet as we use less gas it goes up.

    where I live we are in a drought. so the government asked us all to CONSERVE water. Well we did and we did it very well. so well in fact that the water company is going to reward us by raising rates. Yes you see since we didn't use as much water they are not making enough money so they have to raise prices to make up for the lower demand. So much for CONSERVATION to bring prices down. what the government should have done is INCREASE STORAGE. It rained buckets here over the winter, If the government would have INVESTED in bigger resoviors then all that rain could have been saved instead of allowed to run into the ocean. Sadly the DEMOCRATIC STATE GOVERNMENT had its head up its ass and the moment passed and we are now in a drought again and guess what? We are being asked to CONSERVE again. Idiots.

    I see the democratic CONGRESS doing the same thing. Instead of increasing drilling which will increase supply they say CONSERVE. Well CONSERVE all you want but until supply increases you CONSERVATION will just go to China or india and you will still be paying $4.00-$7.00/gal of gas. idiots

    You can not CONSERVE you way out of a shortage (unless you kill alot of people). Demand will just come back. We must drill, and we must do it now so 3-5years from now we have more oil not less.

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    • yeah the other 76% of the people must have fallen for the same lies you have.

    • "the repubs tried to pass ANWR drilling it was blocked, The Repubs opened up the oil shale the dems once they took over in 2006 closed that back down.

      That's total BS. Please tell me how the Dem's were able to block anything if Bush had fought it? Remember, Bush does have the power of Veto. If Bush is too ignorant to realize this fact, then I can understand why we are in this mess.

      Please explain why in the 6 years Bush had a majority House and Senate, the Rebubs didn't open up these potential Drilling sites? At that time with Gas flucuating between 2.00 to 3.00 dollars a gallon, it was hurting the economy somewhat. It sounds like a bunch of Repub smokescreens, IMO.

    • That's sadly funny and full of irony.

      Nacy Pelosi said "vote for us and we'll lower gas prices" So we put democrats in the majority in both houses, and prices have gone up.

      You know this is what they want. High prices, hurt the voting consumer, blame the oil companies, demonize the ceo's, punish the oil companies by taxing the snot out of them, all under the cloak of "Enviro-mentalism."

      The real score? They want to Nationalize the oil companies. They wan't the pofits. That's what the Democrats want. They are fregg'n Marxist at heart. They hate capitalism. They hate Oil Companies, Pharma Companies, and Walmart, a godsend to many who face economic stress (supposedly the democrats "little guy")

      Any Successful Company is demonized by the Marxist lefties.

      Let me know of one Successful Large Corporation that is not in the entertainment industry that the Left embraces as a role model of economic success. One that makes great profits, funds may retirements, employes tens of thousands, and gives back to the community.

      Just one.

    • "yeah the REPubs want gas at $5.00 a gal. They want the economy to be in the hole come NOv."

      No. They want to blame Democrats for their own failure to lead on these issues. Obviously, it's working with you and about 23% of the American people.

    • "Now if the president gets rid of it do you think congress will also?"

      We'll never know. Because the president is not even a little bit interested in ending the ban. He'd rather have it as a political football.

      I repeat. Your contention was that Republicans would not play politics with fuel prices if the tables were turned. This is obvious nonsense, because Republicans are playing politics with fuel prices RIGHT NOW TODAY.

      If you HONESTLY believe that the Republican party is interested in what is good for America while the Democratic party is interested in power, then you are not trying to have a serious conversation because you are not a serious person. The two parties play exactly the same game for exactly the same reason.

      President Bush's entire administration has been about retaining power for the sake of power, and the Republican congress from 2001 to 2006 was exactly the same.

    • so oil goes from $10 to $145 and the dollar goes from $1.00 to .73c. there is alot more up then down in that equation. the dollar while added to the rise is not the only reason nor is it the biggest.

    • yeah the REPubs want gas at $5.00 a gal. They want the economy to be in the hole come NOv. All you have to ask yourself is who is the most likely party benefits from high gas and poor economy. so all the pain you are going throough can be laid at the feet of the dems in their thirst to can more power. Name when the repubs purposely wanted to lose a war or destroy the economy to gain power.

      As far as the ban if congress gets rid of the ban the president will do the same. Now if the president gets rid of it do you think congress will also?

    • The reason is simple to me. The US is becoming less of a factor on a global scale. We can conserve as much as we want but if global demand continues to increase with tightening supply then the prices in the US will float with that demand.

    • I understand. Your contention was that Republicans would not play politics with fuel prices. Your contention is clearly nonsense. Republicans are playing politics with fuel prices as we speak.

    • I agree and that is why we must increase oil drilling so we can have the resources to switch to other forms of energy. You thing a Mexico could switch to electric cars if it wanted too or india with its infrastructe.

      We need a vibrant economy if you want to change our energy usage. If not people will use the cheapest form of energy to heat themselves

      Like wood and coal. It is only after you have a growing economy can people spend on environmental clean up, switching fuels etc.

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