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  • lionelman17 lionelman17 Sep 26, 2008 3:09 PM Flag

    Why is the bailout unpopular (polling) to avg Joe?

    Its because the majority of people are ignorant as to the workings of "the financial world". They think (and are lead to believe) that this is a bailout for Wall Street ONLY and don't understand that it affects everyone and their way of life.
    WE need "easy" credit with REGULATION. Regulation to keep the CROOKS from ruining everything for everyone.
    That's what the House Republicans don't want to see. They are still following Regan's failed economic policies.
    I have said many times that is not a political board so I will say my piece this one time and move on to relavent matters.

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    • It doesn't loosen the credit market if you are talking about lending which is the real problem here.

      Too much lending to risky homeowners is what got us here since many of them ended up defaulting so the banks lent out billions that they never got back. Now they are tightening up big so it doesn't happen again, so even not so risky owners could have some difficulty getting loans. This bailout does not change that. So the money will go to the banks who for the most part just hold on to the money without lending much of it.

      They are forcing us to pay hundreds of billions to bail out banks who were regulated into giving loans to risky borrowers (this is not headline news). It is a bunch of BS in my opinion and I understand why so many are not happy about the "investment" of our tax $ and lots of debt to fix a problem that should never have happened.

    • for not liking politcal discussions you seem to say your piece an a lot.

      as far as regulations. You might want to check out the congressional hearing in 2004 has the REP COngress tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie and the dems blocked it. this is not about Reagan's failed policies it is about the failure of socialism. the poor should not be given loans they can't repay. Be it home loans, credit cards, or student loans. People with bad credit should not be given loans. Deregulations is good at times and bad at others. the government should ensure the market works within the law that is good regulation. the government should not control the market or put undue burdens on the market. That is bad regulation. Affrimative action in loans is bad regulation. It is what got us into this problem. The poor are poor for a reason.

    • And I'll say that as impactful as this bailout might be to the stock market, that the topic is relevant.

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