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  • lionelman17 lionelman17 Nov 9, 2008 7:00 PM Flag

    Local Mall news

    Same story as last week. The Mall is dead BUT the Gamestop store is packed AND they are making sales, beating their quotas EVERY day.

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    • You were a douche to the original poster - pure and simple.

      You do ask excellent questions though, and clearly have an excellent understanding of the company.

      After scanning the S&P, I noticed that this stock is down ~50% in the last 90 days, but that consensus EPS estimates have actually INCREASED over the same time frame for both this AND next year...

      Perhaps I'll have to give GME a closer look...

    • How about this? Not in store info, but an article that claims GoW2 sold 2.1m in first day. Probably some of those sales happened at GME. Last week there was an article that claimed Bethesda shipped 4.7m units of Fallout 3, which is getting phenomenal reviews. I have GoW2 and it is fantastic. Don't have Fallout, but I think these bits of news suggest that GME simply must be undervalued at this price. I know, I know, many have been saying that all the way down, but I'm going to say it one more time.

    • it "proves" the facts that the claim points out. the facts speak for themselves--that there is little correlation to people being in a store to the performance of the stock.

      What matters are upside or downside surprises. To assess that, you need to gauge what the expectations are and be on the lookout for surprises vis-a-vis those expectations. I clarified that already. If you don't believe it, fine. if you don't want to take the extra 10-15 minutes to walk into a store and ask the right questions, fine. If you don't know what questions to ask, or what to do with the answers, fine. Some people are lazy, and so don't do the extra work, and some are just ignorant, and don't know what kind of analysis is worth doing.

    • gulloverwater Nov 10, 2008 2:56 PM Flag

      I stopped by my local Gamestop and it was dead, just like the rest of the mall....

    • "people have been in GME stores during the last +50% drop in the stock."

      Whick proves .........what?

    • I'm not expecting, or demanding, anybody to give me more information. I do it myself. What I am against, however, is people actually discouraging more thorough analysis by being smart-asses, or just plain not admitting that their own analysis is superficial. I was soliciting more information--if you have it, please give it. If you don't have it, fine. But why discourage more and better information?

      if you think knowing that people are in a store is enough to buy a stock, good luck--people have been in GME stores during the last +50% drop in the stock.

    • Sorry, I am an casual observer not the Gallup poll.

    • Thanks for the post. I have a few questions:

      what was the demographic of the people at the Gamestop?

      what % men vs women?
      what % kids, teens, adults?
      what where the people in the different demographics buying?

      e.g, were most of the women buying wii fit for themselves, or mariokart for their small kids, or Fable 2 for their teen?

      Are there already used copies of Quantum of Solace on the shelf that GME can sell (from gamers who didn't like it)? What are the sales people telling you about the latest new games? Any *surprises* to the upside or downside on particular games? What are the best-selling *used* games (remember--those give GME the best margins).

      I routinely channel check, and ask the same handful of questions. The most important question to ask is this: how much do you plan on spending this Christmas on video games and how does that compare to last year? Of course, if they are at GME, you can assume they'll be spending that at GME, but you could go ahead and ask if they go to competitors stores (or Amazon) and if so, why.

      It's also important to channel check competitors. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, recently had a 30% increase in video game sales, and that likely bodes very well for GME.

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