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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Jan 7, 2009 11:28 AM Flag

    This is not brain surgery

    "I have found people that are long, normally identify themselves as long; but, people that are short normally avoid identifying themselves in order to profit from their slanted messages."

    That's a very passive aggressive thing to say. I notice three of the most frequent bullish posters here, daniel, lionel and muck_flyer, don't have any sentiment at all even though at least a couple of them seem to have a LT view.

    Isn't it strange that so many people here say it's so cheap, and yet none have a Buy or Strong Buy sentiment? What's that about RB?

    You don't call them out for not having it in their posts, or call out daniel or other longs for only posting articles which are bullish when they claim to be posting "relevant" articles. So why call me out and not them?

    Newsflash - I don't drive GME's stock price, and bulls like Daniel who claim to post relevant articles to GME but in fact only post the bullish ones, are biased but you seem to be OK with that. If you choose to ignore the content of bearish posts because you disagree, that's your deal. Personally, whenever I'm long or short anything I appreciate the counterpoint to flesh out my own analysis. Some people though only want the validation of others with similar views agreeing with them. Which are you? No need to respond.

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