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  • bull_no_bear bull_no_bear May 7, 2009 11:15 AM Flag

    Why GME will continue to go down

    Your analysis is all based on YOUR speculation of earnings and ERTS. GME does not trade with ERTS sells ALL games including its used games market which will compensate for any lowered sales due to the economy etc. GME has a target value of $35 and these short term pull backs are a buying opportunity. I like when u say you will stay short becasue i want to see your post when you get your ass reamed tomorrow and have to buy up vaseline at walgreens from th pain. If you look at the technicals it is trading at its lower 2 std dev bollinger band and has just touched the lower upward trend line since Novemer lows...Guess where its headed in the next couple of days? Back to 30 moron, it has to fill the gap and is short term oversold.

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    • 1) It is not 'speculation' that GME tends to trade with ERTS. Run a backtest simulation, or, more easily, go to google finance and compare the days that ERTS makes big drops and see what effect that tends to have on GME. Of course, ERTS and GME are separate companies and, quite often, what's bad for ERTS is irrelevant to GME. My previous posts in the past few months likely demonstrate that this is obviuously true.

      2) your angry, hostile tone likely stems from your having lost a lot of money trading. if trading makes you angry, perhaps you should find another hobby or career.

      3) Your thoughts on the technicals are a more promising avenue for discussion. My usual response to technical trading is this--technical trading patterns hold until they don' make money on the pattern, until you don't. There are short and long term patterns indicating to buy or sell all the time. So you have to pick and choose which pattern to care about and why. If you'd like to clarify your thoughts on that, then please do so. There are patterns you can find for 3 year trends, 3 months, 3 days, 3 minutes. so pick your pattern and let us know why that is the relevant pattern.

      4) you seem to think it is an insight that GME sells used games. Everybody knows this...the question is whether this is a viable business model in the long-term, and, in the short term, whether vg industry will do better or worse than 'expectations'. the critical questions, therefore, are: i) what are those expectations? ii) Can GME beat *those* expectations? I argued above why those expectations are unreasonably high and have used past performance in similar situations to show that GME cannot meet those unreasonable high expectations.

      if you'd like to be taken seriously here, stick to the issues. of course, some people enjoy not being taken seriously and come here to vent their frustration. if you are frustrated, try yoga or pilates or get a dog.

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