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  • great_depression_part2 great_depression_part2 Jun 1, 2009 4:01 PM Flag

    Xbox 360 getting full retail games delivered on demand

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    • "They exploit their employees, pay them peanuts. After all they get to borrow games for free right?" Ahhh now it falls into place with the disgruntled eyuze.

      Don't forget that they bought Micromania last year, nice try though. Try again.

    • These guys are in denial...They will offer the games for less online, which is tempting.

      $50 online vs $60 at the store...hmmm

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      • Absolutely. There's your resale value right there.

        As for the idea that MS must keep a good relationship with their retailers, that's a joke argument that fails to acknowledge who has what at stake in this relationship. Do you really believe MS fears that GME will stop carrying their products? GME is the one with their balls on the chopping board here.

        Anyway, the relationship is already strained over the abscence of royalties for developers when their products are resold. Devs will look to cut resellers out of the loop any way they can. The movement to DLC will be as much developer driven as customer driven.

        I would not be surprized at all to see MS introduce an xbox sku with a 1TB (or more) HDD and no optical disc at less than the price of the arcarde box. It may be next gen when it happens, but you'd be foolish to hold this stock until that time.

        Imagine the day when you're telling your kids or grandkids about how you held shares in a software retail chain. Their reaction will surely be something like "Software retail? Wow! How much money did you lose?"

    • The strategy makes sense for 1 year old + titles and I believe that's what their intentions are (as opposed to AAA titles which would infuriate their entire retail network). It's like any business that sells both direct and via a retail network: You can get away with direct sales to some extent as long as you always privilege your retailers and that your actions have little or no impact on their business.

    • I was just thinking about this and the way MSFT has the xbox set up now it probably would not benefit most users as the HD are way to small to have many games...only to have to delete them later to make room...nobody wants that and the arcade systems dont even have an HD...

      But what IF msft offers a seperate HD..kinda like they did with the HD DVD player...that lets say a terabyte...that could be moved from system to system using the USB2 port....i would go for that.....

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      • Just put a SATA in the XBOX... if you want to upgrade it yourself, it's easy. Of course, MSFT want's a piece of the pie...that's why they do it the way they do.

        $$$ generated on Hard Drive D sales should be insignificant to the amount of benefits/income MSFT will see by offering cheap and realistically priced hardware (ie Hard Drives).


    • the only thing i buy on xbox is arcade games...i will NOT buy a big release for download as i usually resale my games and thus there will be no benefit to me or to a consumer that waits to buy games used....some will do it for the convienance but i think the majority will not unless you can buy the download much cheaper than a hard copy.....which again will drive down the hard will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • FWIW..Most of the people commenting are saying the same thing that a number of us have been saying. Hard drive space, portability and no resale are problems.

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      • This will be a big deal for the next cycle. Right now, not so much. I have a 20GB and it really starts out at around 13GB, minus a couple more GB for some paid DLC (GTA, Burnout and others), minus a few more for game demos and Live Arcade games, and that doesn't leave me enough room to install or download a single "full" game to the HDD.

        In recent months I think the ratio of Arcade 360's selling is about 90%, so I read somewhere. It's probably only a minority of 360 owners this news applies to, those with 120GB. Not that it's news anyway, because Molyneux leaked it months ago that Fable 2 was likely to be sold this way.

        Next cycle I expect game sizes to double due to moving from 720p to 1080p, which means the average game size may be around 20GB. If they ship with a large HDD or you can connect your own SATA drive, storage will be a non-issue. Today you can buy 1TB for under $100. In a few years, half that cost? That will work out to about $1 per game for storage, cheaper than the gas it will cost you to visit the store. OTOH, no resale value. But, you have the convenience of instant access.

        What it does show is the infrastructure and the desire is there, and I expect the next cycle to take full advantage of it.

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