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  • eyuze eyuze Jun 2, 2009 12:31 PM Flag

    360 Titles Downloadable...ROFLMAO!!!

    This is sure to hurt GME's used game business.

    & dont believe for a sec that it'll be at full retail price. If they announced a discount price today GME would be at $18 right now...LOL

    Sony should be announcing something similar pretty soon.

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    • Most importantly... Apple is NOT Sony. Sony has gotten a bad reputation in the past 5 years or so...

      Trust me, PSP Go will an epic fail.


    • 1. With Apple, your library goes with you when you upgrade.

      2. When Apple upgrades, they tend to drop the price of the older version and the new one comes in around the previous price point.

      3. Typically, they add new features.

      Sony failed on all three fronts with the Go.

    • I wonder why people bought the iPod/touch 3g then if the 2g does basically everything it does? When Apple takes this approach, it's smart, sony does it, oh no it wont work why would people pay...ya da ya da..
      get ur empty heads out of ur A$$E$

    • ...except screw the consumer out of $60.


    • "I will be buying the new psp as soon as it comes out. & so will a bunch of other people once they see the game line up."

      I own a PSP. Why would I upgrade to a Go? Spend $250 and lose my game library? If I did, GME would get that trade-in business so that's good for them.

      Let's say I didn't own a PSP and I wanted one. Why buy the Go? I could buy a regular PSP for $170, a memory stick for $20, and download the new games to memory stick or buy them on UMD... then trade in the UMD's at GME later if I wanted. The Go does nothing that the UMD PSP can't do today.

    • Wrong in your timing. Whatever. You were a longshot.

      Not all companies put themselves first... Take Apple and their iProducts as a prime example...they listen to what the users want and make products that reflect it. People are willing to pay a premium for a product that makes sense and is user friendly.

      If you buy a PSP-Go, you're even more of an idiot that you come off to be... Why don't you just give me $250 and I'll kick you in the nuts. Sony with a game linup? Yeah..they've been saying that for years and years now... Still, not much to be proud of.

      I'd buy a DSi before I bought a PSP... if you want to play handheld games on the cheap, it's the way to go. Even the iPhone has more/better games than the PSP.

      Open your eyes.


    • Your local Gamestop store looks forward to your business and perhaps you can bring in some games to trade-in so as to reduce your total cash outlay, its very convenient.

    • I wasn't wrong about Sony, just a bit early in my timing.

      All companies put themselves first. A the Ceo's job is to maximize shareholder value, not maximize customer value.

      I will be buying the new psp as soon as it comes out. & so will a bunch of other people once they see the game line up. And so will you!

    • Not on a planet that thinks sony is going to beat estimates and raise guidance, even after they said they were going to tank.

      Tell me, what are the advantages to the consumer for buying a PSP-Go (especially someone that already owns a current PSP)?

      I could list all the Sony screw ups... Never thinking about the consumer, but always a proprietary product.


    • Dear Eyuze,

      Today is the day that you and I spoke about a couple of days ago. The day video games go digital, today SONY maker of the core gamer system PS3 and PSP has launched the PSP Go.

      The brick and mortar advantage of GME is gone. It can easily be argued that "but maybe the PSP Go is just a beta and they are just testing it out to see if it works or not". I do not believe that SONY would roll out a whole new product for the sole purpose of testing. Not only launching the PSP go but also launching and adding a truly stunning number of digital media (movies, tv shows) to its library. Another argument "memory is limited people do not want to carry around little chips" SanDisk announced they will be able to make 25gb and up in the very near future I can imagine that Sony will follow suit and make more robust micro memory chips. Another childish comment "people want tangible goods" I for one hate when my DVDs get scratched and altough having my video game collection on my shelf is nice for showing of purposes it is annoying when one game gets misplaced in the incorrect case and you have to niddle-in-a-haystack search for your game. I download movies all the time on my PS3, mini games on my DSi and Wii.

      I loved GME on the way up and bought on the way down and sold out when the shares began to lag the S&P. Amazon made its competitive announcement. Nintendo DSi was released leaning heavily towards digital media. Apple keeps raking in the money for selling songs and movies online. Netflix lets you donwload content. Capcom started selling costumes for the Street Fighter IV game. and keeping all the profits. Too many other players are going digital. sadly for GME this is the end game. I just do not see how they can profit one cent from this digital conversion.

      However, I do not plan on shorting the shares just yet altough it looks like the market is already discounting GMEs profits and correcting the multiple accordinly. I will wait to see what Microsoft and Nintendo have to say about digital games, altough i think it might be overkill. I will hoard some cash and when the time is right short this sucker.

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