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  • jungsk90 jungsk90 Aug 10, 2009 11:56 PM Flag

    Does anyone here actually buy digital download computer games?

    Anyone here actually buy Digital Download computer games? I have never bought any games this way. I buy my games either at the local video game store such as Gamestop or I also may purchase a game by ordering a physical copy online. But I have never bought a computer game that I download via my computer.

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    • I bought a couple of Wii and DSi games direct.

    • Regurgitating something from a blog doesn't make it right. Did you honestly believe that 1.5M people would spend $20 in a free game?

      I follow what you are saying regarding time spent, I just thing it's too simplistic an assumption. People that play free games online aren't necessarily the same people that will shell out 60 bucks at GME in the first place. A large proportion of them probably don't even own a console, or a PC capable of playing the latest games anyway. GMEs market is not every gamer on every possible platform and it never has been.

    • "Either that or you are spreading deliberate misinformation."

      I reported what Kotaku reported, and cited that source. As you well know.

      Again you're completely missing the point. Games compete for players time and money. If their time is taken up with digital games then they're not going to the store to spend money, are they?

      By your logic, if 100M gamers spent their time playing a game that cost $1, then it would "only" be $100M revenue, so nothing to worry about. Never mind that 100M gamers wouldn't be going to stores...

    • Jester, your short position is starting to affect your brain I think. Either that or you are spreading deliberate misinformation.

      BF Heroes is FREE. That's why it has 1.5M users. They have not spent $20 each. THOSE THAT HAVE USED THE STORE have spent $20 each. What percentage of total players do you want to bet that is? EA won't tell us of course, but I'd guess is south of %10. Only the hardcore are going to spend money in a game they can otherwise play for free.

    • Another day, and more bad news for GME.

      - BF Heroes, digital only micro-transactions game, has 1.5M users and EA says they've spent an average of $20 each.

      This is separate news to the 600K players in two weeks which the digital only BF1943 captured.

      - GME responds to the BBY "price match new games to GME used game prices" by slashing prices of their used games in the same area as BBY's program.

      - EA is including a bunch of extras in Dragon Age but only for new owners, with some of that content priced at $15 for those who buy the game used.

      The first piece is "The Stone Prisoner" download pack, a pre-order incentive that grants players access to Shale, a "mighty stone golem who can become one of the most powerful party members in the game" and new environments and items. Don't pre-order or buy new? It'll cost you $15.

      The other is the Blood Dragon Armor, an "exclusive set of themed armor" that can be worn in Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Finally, there's the Memory Band, an in-game item that grants "+1% to all gained Experience Points and which adds one bonus point that players can use to boost their character's skill set."

      (All news posted on Kotaku since last night)

    • Excellent banter here and I will say that personally, I will always stick with new releases in tangible form from GME, BBY, AMZN, etc. Change is in the air and everyone sounds the death knell of GME over and over again because of it. I don't think it will kill GME, ever. Most of the games available as both of you have pointed out are shorter, smaller, cheaper games and even the new service from MSFT has older games at the moment. GME sells most of the titles if I am not mistaken, used for less than MSFT does on the new service.

      Biggest problem I have overall with GME is a saying that is used frequently about the market in general. The market can stay irrational far longer than most anyone can stay liquid. Regarding GME, unfortunately I think this means the DLC scare mongers can keep spooking the stock over and over again, until the DLC threat becomes a true menace at which time GME might be in trouble, or deserve a lower PPS, but again, I don't think it will kill GME any time soon.

    • I said ON A REVENUE BASIS.
      BF1943 was $15. A normal title is $59.99. 600K is across 2 platforms.. NPD tracks titles PER PLATFORM.

      You do the math.

      The longevity of most DLC is pretty dubious. The Fallout 3 DLC is a good example.. they released new DLC every couple of months since you're probably looking at 5 hours of value out of any given episode.

    • "On a revenue basis it probably wouldn't have even charted in the NPD top 20 for that month."

      LOL, sure. The #10 game did 192K units. BF1943 has done over 600K in 2 weeks and is probably close to 1M by now. BF Heroes had over 1M downloads. The last two CoD map packs were 2M each so the recently released one will probably do the same. Free Realms is at close to 5M players already. GTA Lost and Damned outsold Killzone 2 on a units basis at launch. Who knows how much the latest Gears 2 Dark Corners and All Fronts DLC has sold.

      But again you're missing the point, conveniently. Games compete for consumers time and money. If they're spending their *time* playing downloaded maps or whatever, they're not spending their *money* on anything else around that window.

    • Here's something to put the size of the digital market in perspective:

      BF1943 broke sales records on Xbox live and PSN in June. On a revenue basis it probably wouldn't have even charted in the NPD top 20 for that month.

    • If you think 75% growth is sustainable at this stage in the console cycle you are kidding yourself.
      2 years after the xbox and 3 years after the PS2 launch software growth was in the single digits.

      Just because the gaming industry downturn laggged the economy doesn't mean it isn't a dominant factor.

      "It's interesting you said the doomsday scenario was applicable if new games started being released at the same time on digital as retail, then when I pointed out one of the biggest franchises in the industry is doing that in two months time you dismissed it. "

      As in all games. Not one game on a dead platform that hasn't had a game in the top 20 this year.

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