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  • alanr1030 alanr1030 Feb 22, 2010 7:46 PM Flag

    EA's Questionable Attempt to Discourage Used Game Sales

    "At EA, the plan is called “Project Ten Dollar”. New titles, such as “Mass Effect 2” and “Dragon Age: Origins,” feature downloadable content (DLC) that is available the same day a title hits store shelves. Buyers of new copies of the game get a one-time use code, allowing them to download the content for free. Anyone who picks up a used copy, though, must pay $10 or higher for the same DLC"

    In this economy how will the consumer feel about EA's attempt to discourage used game sales???? This may bite them in the ass as the consumer may decide that EA is unfairly penalizing them. EA's timing really stinks if they think they can add charges to the used game sales when people are still hurting financially.

    Also, does the advertising space in GME's stores not help the publishers? What if GME decided to favor the other publishers who seem less determined to hurt its used game business?

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