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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Feb 22, 2010 8:36 PM Flag

    EA's Questionable Attempt to Discourage Used Game Sales

    To flip that around, how about new game buyers? They get extra stuff for free. That's good!

    If used game buyers don't want the extra stuff, they don't have to pay for it.

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    • I don't understand the argument made by game mfgs. Why do they feel they deserve a portion of resale of a game? When I sell my used F-150, Ford doesn't bitch about not getting any money. If they want more money then they should try to fetch a higher sale price for their games. I was ready to buy a PSP but after Sony's bright idea to release PSP GO they can 'go' somewhere.

      Also,Requiring web connection to play a game is another brain fart. No playing in the car, on the plane, in airport, etc - this is a stupid idea. Mfgs keep coming up with ideas like these they might as well just slit their throats. Consumers have many other choices begging for their hard earned dollars.

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      • they're ( EA )confusing themselves with the movie people who get extra money with the release of the dvd's...they must think of that movie dvd as a used movie ergo the sale of a video game is a similiar occurrence. Seems its a legal issue and obviously there are no laws against selling used video games etc. Look at all the used car lots etc

      • It's not the same as used cars:

        1. You accept that a used car will have flaws, and that's why there is depreciation. You accept it may not last until the end of your planned journey. With a used game, there is no such fear. It's functionally identical to a new game.

        2. New Fords are sold by Ford dealers, who are incentivized to sell new Fords. Used games are sold by GME dealers who are incentivized to sell used games. Again, if the majority of people bought used games pubs couldn't afford to develop many of these games. In fact, most of them are cutting back significantly on headcount, teams and projects, despite industry revenue being solid.

        "Requiring web connection to play a game is another brain fart. No playing in the car, on the plane, in airport, etc - this is a stupid idea."

        So pubs should let piracy take 90% of their sales? Because that's what it is on PC and iPhone. Some will never buy, true, but that is still shocking. I read recently that Ubi's new DRM requires always on connection and you get kicked out of the game if connection is lost. That's dumb. For the most part though, so long as it's not too invasive, I approve of it. Otherwise, we won't have these games at all because pubs won't be able to justify the costs due to the piracy.

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