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  • EquityRich EquityRich Apr 8, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    Hope the shorts listened to me...

    I warned all the shorts to cover while they still had the chance. The rise to 30 plus is in motion. For those who have not covered you can decide how big you want your loss to grow. Was trying to do you all a favor. Stocks with this much cash flow and buybacks don't trade at 5 times cash flow for long.

    Plenty of wind left in GME's sails. Congrats longs. Stock is up about 6 bucks from the low for a gain over 30%. Not to shabby if you kept on buying while the shorts gave you the gift of a lifetime. 100% gain coming at 34/share.

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    • 4.5 points from the $30/share checkpoint.

      Last warning for shorts. Stock is CHEAP at $30 and will move upwards towards $35 to $40 between now and holidays.

      Strong buyback from GME still in place shrinking share count and upping EPS. Cash flow very strong and upside numbers coming from GME.

      GME was a laggard early in the rally. It will end up being one fo the best 2010 percentage gainers by the end of the year as it approaches $40

    • well, i averaged down when they were bashing and am now up over 15%. only have 1000sh but its profit.
      good luck to longs.

    • Yes, considering this stock's high before recession hit $60.

    • As long as Nintendo is around, I don't think you have to worry about Apple ever taking over the gaming market.

    • GME already sells the Nintendo DS "hand helds". The new model DSi competitor to the iPad also as of a couple of weeks ago.

    • I think we'll see roughly $30 to $40 in share price by Jan 2011. The gaming cycle is strong. The ONLY looming threat on the horizon is apple's ipad/ipod/iphone gaming platform. It is the only device out there that bypasses GME's gates fee in any meaningful way and that also occupies significant and growing mind share.

      That said I think the tide rises for consoles and for hand held devices. There will be an equalization period where handhelds do cannibalize some of the console dollars as we have already seen in 2009 (handhelds meaning the apple products). Eventually that cannibalization of the console will stop if it has not already as the overall tide provides growth to the apple economy as well as the xbox/ps3/nintendo economy.

      GME is well positioned on the console side and easily has great value even as it hits $30/share

      And yes I do miss the shorts which are all gone lately. Seems they find it harder to try and "scare" longs out when things are going well for the company and its shares.

    • fair enough, yea AMZN looks overvalued but it does have the growth to support it, i think one of the most overvalued names out there is ANF, but up against last year's easy comps it'll be a tough short

    • Yes, congrats on that, but as I said before, everything is crystal clear in hindsight. I still feel it remains a value trap IMO as I said I don't trust the guidance. Can it go higher, of course and you can say I told you so again and I will again congratulate you. But I think when earnings, and even the March sales data comes out, we will see disappointing results. Just my opinion and nothing more.

      FYI I have been trading AMZN calls from about 120 and it hit 140 today and think it is waaaaaay overvalued and am looking to rotate into puts soon. Just saying I can trade either side in a blink of an eye if I think I can make money on the trade.

    • Well, I bought at $18 as a value play, based on high earnings and cash flow, large cash reserves, etc. Share buybacks had begun to support the price and sentiment was extremely bearish, the stock had formed a double bottom at the $17 level.

      I believe we will get to the high 20s at least, not sure if it will go farther, but thats a big gain from $18.

    • Of course it was in hindsight, prior to the industry sales falling off, but high teens is reasonable for a growth stock, which so many argue it still is, and I firmly believe it is not. And no that does not mean that it can't or won't go higher, I am just not willing to place my money on that direction at this time, and as I have said before, I am not ready to short or buy puts either. Just spectating for the moment.

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