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  • francozampetti francozampetti Mar 11, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    GME Cheerleaders, here they are!

    Ever hear of Blockbuster? Are you retarded! They are soooo different. Since i do think that you're retarded and possibly incontinent, let me explain.

    First - Blockbuster grew to be too fat. They opened way too many stores. Had amazingly bad real estate deals with terms that were too long. GME has yet to reach a saturation point and are as diligent in closing stores that don't perform as in opening stores. Their leases are great with some of the best terms in retail. So GME is nimble where Blockbuster thought they would never die and wrote real estate deals to support that stance. Even when Blockbuster changed from VHS to DVD format stores, they still opened stores too big for the business. Bad real estate = bad Retailer.

    Next, technology. When Blockbuster became aware of netflix, they choose to do nothing. A company too fat with too many executives who lost touch with their customer needs. GME has adapted to the changing environment of the gaming sector quite well. They do not have their head in the sand like Blockbuster did. By the time Blockbuster awaken to the notion that their customer base was leaving, they could not react.

    Digital downloads, whatever. So you can download content. Big deal. GME was one of the first to offer that ability through their website. And they've adapted and bought companies to support their strategy. They are not just going to close 6000 stores because YOU say digital downloads are coming.

    Loyal customers who enjoy the values and the atmosphere. Netflix doesn't have that and never will. Blockbuster had it and was too stupid and fat to realize the asset they possesed. Look at Napster. Digital download with no loyalty. By the time they hit one hurdle and recovered all of their customers were gone. Cause they could have cared less who provided their music. Customers just wanted it fast and cheep. Now there are 1.7 million internet sites that do that and guess what, none of them make much money. Eventually Netfix will have that same fate. When a company is just cheap digital downloads with no connection to their customers and no experience with them will eventually fail. Just wait and see.

    They generate CASH! Huge cash! Blockbuster became infected with greed, bad deals, worse parent companies etc. They're lucky they could make the rent and that wasn't because of lack of sales, it was lack of discipline, forward thinking and structure.

    GME was forged out of companies who had gone bankrupt. The founders and current management team were there, paid witness to that carnage and learned valuable lessons in redesigning GME. They had 10 year shopping mall deals that were terrible. They operated the business on 19% gross margins. I could go on. They've been there BEFORE it got big. Blockbuster, in their eyes, never knew a bad day since day one. Until of course, it became too late for change.

    So please...for the love of GOD...stop comparing them to Blockbuster. Retail IS change. Ever been to your local mall lately? Please tell me how many of the retailers who are there now were there 10 years ago? Yes that's right, virtually none. But so far GME carries on and does so while making MONEY!

    So if the stock goes to $10, so be it. It's being manipulated by people who know how to crush a stock and it"s value, just to line their greedy pockets. But in no way has GME been anything like Blockbuster.

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    • You need to get your bladder checked out, you are peeing everywhere =)

    • " So if the stock goes to $10, so be it "

      So you make an argument and then ended with this statement? You mean you will hold if it goes there? And I'm retarded? LMFAO!!!! RULE #1 FOOL - never marry a stock! You are not an investor, you are a DREAMER! A fool that owns some games that you bought from GME because you don't have any other retail outlet to buy from.

      Learn how to value a Business Model! You longs are all the same..."But they have cash, blah blah blah". You are half correct; they have YOUR CASH, since you bought high into their stock.


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