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  • francozampetti francozampetti Aug 10, 2011 6:18 AM Flag

    Buying Opportunity!

    Dog turd? You...are a balloon head. Yes, your head is shaped like a balloon. And not the hot dog weiner shaped type you make animals out of. A BIG, fat, bulbous balloon. Full of hot air and static.

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    • Physical media. It's all the rage. Id bet my bottom dollar it will take over digital one day. Yes I'm the balloon head.

      Varchild past performance does not indicate future results.

    • Balloon Head? Whose the one citing actual facts regarding Gamestop versus Thorman only commenting on share price action?

      I'd rather be a Balloon Head than a mindless lemming like yourself!

      Game Informer just been reported to have increased subscribers by 36.5% this year vs. last year and all you can say or talk about is share price behavior!

      Dr. Pepper Snapple Group share price fell to $12 due to market panic in 2008. I do not hear anyone calling that stock a dog turd even when iy was slipping ad even when it had a couple unimpressive quarters. That stock did not rven have a dividend back then.

      Why is it then that the stock rallies to $40?

      Look at the stock's is quite similar to GME.

      That is how I can flat out laugh off the daily idiocy festival comibg fro
      the overabundance of puts buyers and shorts that do not have any clue how to valuate this stock.

      We have Evan Wilson completly ignoring Impulse and sales in general to suggest GME is an underperformer.

      We have NPD sales reports that do not cover Preowned sales despite new retail companies getting involved and Gamestops continued heavy push in selling preowned.

      We simply are told a very tiny and distorted set of facts and aresupposed to be bearish off of that? Comparing # of visits to as flat while not mentioning # of visits to

      Evan Wilson prefers to talk about visits rather than sales.
      His idiotic pacific Crest report did not mention the 36.5% increase in Ge Informer subs.

      How is the info. we received match up with the share price action?

      I say it does not!

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