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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Aug 10, 2011 7:45 PM Flag

    Earth Shaking News!!! BIG DEAL!!!

    This is a SEE????? I TOLD YOU SOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    From Varchild!

    Remember how the Bears / Shorts keep talking over and over again about how Digital will destroy the Preowned Video Games business because you can not Trade in your Preowned Game? Digital can not be Re-Sold over and over like Physical Preowned? Just can not be done???

    Varchild defiantly said B.S. it's been done before countless times.

    Genetic Anomalies and Wizards of the Coast pulled it off...

    Trading a Game that is Digital can indeed occur.

    And guess what? Varchild has been VINDICATED!!!! BIG TIME!!!

    So much for "Baloon head!!!! Varchild = Idiot!!!!!!"

    If I am an idiot then how did I get this right??

    Gamestop Impulse will have to quickly do the same here. They can not let STEAM...STEAM-ROLL....Gamestop's preowned trading business.

    It is only a matter of time and I strongly believe we will see IMPULSE put together a similar deal where people can begin trading their video games just as if you are going to a physical Gamestop Store and trading in your Physical Game.

    STEAM is going to put this together BETA soon.

    So what we know are 2 things:

    1) The shorts/bears are complete morons....for claiming it can not be done.

    2) Gamestop Impulse is in trouble big time if they do not get to work on Digital Trading soon.

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    • Plus the actual trading only applies to in game items, not games that have already been registered.

    • It's a very very stupid idea. I have hundreds of games on steam I paid very little for, why would I pay full price and just trade them in later? Gamestop is in on the party late trying to change the game and its not gonna happen. They pissed on pc gamers a long time ago and they aren't gonna get them back.

    • Granted...STEAM's trading platform apparently is highly limited.

      This isn't used games trading digital style...

      But rather if you receive a Game as a Gift and you did not "open / play" your gift...then you can trade that gift.

      So....Say you are gifted Duke Nukem read the reviews and decide the game stinks...So you can trade that off for some other game from some one else I gather.

      This trading platform is a pretty gigantic step towards used video game trading.

      The "Game Items" trading is also nice. But, Valve can not be credited with being the first company to have such an ability.

      Cause again... Magic The Gathering Online already had digital property (cards) that you could purchase and trade and win in tournaments and even exchange for physical cards.

      Therein brings a simple concept.

      If in some FAIRY FAIRY LAND where you couldn't do Digital Used Games Trading.....cause perhaps the "Serial Codes" forbid it...Then why not at least do this?

      A) Player A exchanges his digital Call of Duty MW3 for a Physical copy Call of Duty MW3.

      B) Player A goes to "Best Buy/FYE/GME/Scamazon" and trades the physical game in for Battlefield 3.

      Digital Games trading? DONE! No Serial Code Worries!

      The digital copy on your computer gets NUKED simply by NUKING the SERIAL CODE.

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